Terri Adcock LRPS CPAGB AFIAP PPSACuckoo in Flight 
 Empty Sky Memorial 
 Waiting for the Fish 
Yin BaRacers in SnowPAGB Ribbon
Cyril Boyd AFIAP LRPS PPSA BPE3*Anna Rose Posed 
Judy Boyle EFIAP/gthe blue carGPU Ribbon
 emily with flowers 
 graves times 
Robert Bracher ARPS AFIAPDoor and Arch 
 The Long Wait 
Pat Broad ARPS EFIAP/bDawn Inch Strand 
 Fogbow Tangle Creek 
Kunping ChenHuian women-casting net 
Richard Cherry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE5*Prepared for Fire 
Bob Chiu PPSAEthiopian34 
Colin Close LRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5*Final AdjustmentMCPF Ribbon
Brian Collins ARPS AFIAPGirl in Yellow 
 Street Tension 
 Two Brothers 
Clare Collins CPAGB LRPS CPAGBPuri Pot Porter 
 Shaking Out the Dust 
 The Chai Wallah 
 The Smoker 
David F Cooke FRPS EFIAPSuddenly She Realised 
Irmgard Crispinred house 
Emma Davies BPE2*Early Start On The Wye 
Brian Davis APAGB CPAGBAlpine dawn balloon flight 
Shirley Davis CPAGBFrozen trees in the streamMCPF Ribbon
Brian Dicks ARPS DPAGBSun Day Best 
Nicole Dittus AFIAPTippytoeFIAP Gold
Tom Dodd DPAGB FIPFCommitment 
 Llyn Idwal and Pen yr Olau Wen 
 Solo Ice Climber Rjukan 
Colleen Donaldson ARPSSilvery Sea 
Calvin Downes EFIAP/s BPE3*On the windy MoorMCPF Medal
 Bantham rocks 
 Dutch sunrise 
Alfons Dr.wolf AFIAPFisher von KeralaGPU
Ralph Duckett MPAGB EFIAP APAGBBleak Landscape 
 Flash Snow Shower 
 Journey into the Unknown 
 Morning Light 
David Eaves ARPS DPAGBDingle Dawn 
 Fermoyle Rock 
 Painted Windows, Kildare 
 Peacock Dancer 
Roy Essery MPAGBUnexpected Departure 
Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/sFlying Jaz 
 High Rollers 
 Off the Middle 
Tim Evans LRPSConcrete Canyon 
 U-Bahn, Berlin 
Tommy Evans AFIAP AWPFGreat white in the mist 
Gianpiero Ferrari DPAGB FRPS FBPE EFIAPGreen Hairstreak Pair 
 Marsh Fritillary 
 Singing Goldcrest 
Irene Froy MPAGB HonPAGB EFIAPFrosty Morning 
Alison J Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Iced Roses 
 In The Moment 
Andy Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Blue Door Beauty 
Sara GABRIELSSecond class 
 Wrinkles of life 
Bob Goode LRPS EFIAP BPE1*Barber Shop 
Jasmina Gorjanski AFIAP MF3HFSBlizzard 
 Blizzard in the city I 
Lynda Haney DPAGB BPE3*Girl in a Blue HatPSA Ribbon
 In a Summer MeadowPAGB Gold
Paul Hayward LRPS DPAGBThe Locked DoorMCPF Ribbon
Dean Irvine LIPF BPE1*Don't fear the reaper 
Dinah Jayes ARPS EFIAP MPAGBDemure 
 In the Waiting Room 
 Waiting at the Window 
Nils-Erik Jerlemar EFIAP/d3 GMPSA ARPSTwo Red Bikes 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*Berlin a wall to keep people in 
 Bow pose 
 The cup that cheers 
 Luminous trianglePSA Silver
Hunter Kennedy MPAGB EFIAP ARPSdune grasses 
 first in line 
 winter blackmount 
Isabella Knight ARPS CPAGBCollecting the snow for water 
Achim Koepf EFIAPd3Lofoten 335 
Elizabeth Lazenby CPAGB BPE3* AFIAPReady To Run 
Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB BPE5*Meadowgrove Farm 
Huijing LiPrairie style 
 Purse net 
Jianping LiAxi folk dancePAGB Ribbon
 Basha matador 
Shaoqing LiSmall pack basket of mom 
Jiuru LiangPassionate moment 
 Three sisters of Miao 
Gary Loughran LIPFBlue 
 James in snow 
Wenjie LuoIndigenous method for ceramic 
Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB FBPEGold Cape 
 Lulu at Gilford Mill 
 Morning Light 
 Soviet Sailor 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Pierrot 
 Prairie Sisters 
 Versailles Princess 
Jianguo MiUrban street 
Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPSA FBPEMax WhitlockMCPF Ribbon
 James Phillip on FloorGPU Silver
Hugh Milsom FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/D1Breaking Waves MargateMCPF Ribbon
Chris Moncrieff AFIAP CPAGB BPE4*Into the TurnMCPF Ribbon
Jo Monro AFIAP ARPSFigure in the Rain 
Vicki Moritz EFIAP/p MPSA APSEM APPSM the thinker 
 Spirit coming in 
Jane Morris Abson LRPSThe Metro Station 
Andy NewmanPower and PoiseFIAP Ribbon
 Riding by the Seat of your Pants 
Gabriel Joseph O Shaughnessy MFIAP EFIAP/gAbbey FlowersPSA Ribbon
 Room AboveGPU Ribbon
 Man About The HouseMCPF Ribbon
 Silent Approach 
Sue O'Connell ARPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*Caro Woman 
 The Red Turban 
Norman O'Neill EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*BMX Rider 
 Peregrine Falcon Mantling 
 View to the High Altar 
Dianne Owen FRPSNational Gallery 
 The Whisper 
Roger Paxton AFIAPTulips 
John Phillips BPE2*Art Deco 
 The Steampunk Engineer 
Robert Prenton Jones EFIAP/g BPE4*In Detention AgainMCPF Medal
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS EFIAP/g BPE5*AfrielMCPF Ribbon
 Bewitching HourMCPF Ribbon
 GuinevereMCPF Ribbon
Audrey PriceGiraffe in Acacia woodland 
 Young Zebras 
 Zebra at sunset 
Chunlin QuShave 
Risto RaunioBao-bao Avenue 
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAPBeach Bum 
 Life on the Edge 
 Til Death do us PartPAGB Silver
Keith Roberts LRPSHebridean ShoreGPU Ribbon
Rafael Sanchez Cernuda EsFiapNiña del Batey 
Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Flour DancerMCPF Ribbon
Gillian Smith CPAGBOn The Edge 
Barrie SpenceSeptember SunPSA Ribbon
 Just PeachyFIAP Ribbon
 Couch Potato 
 Bonnie and BellaFIAP Silver
Fiona SpenceCocoa Nude 5 
 Movement Series 2 - On A Dark Moon 
 Movement Series - Ascend 
 Movement Series - Sails 
Luc Stalmans AFIAP PPSASomnium Verum EvaditMCPF Medal
 Bellezza Italiana 
 Diffraction in a Spider Web 
 The Rope 
Katia StroobantsThe Chair 
Qingsheng SunPoetic and picturesque 
Jiangchuan TongDabble 1MCPF Ribbon
Bernd UllrichFlagstad Lofoten 
Jonathan Vaines AFIAP CPAGB LRPSGardeners Question Time 
Sue Vaines LRPS CPAGB AFIAPBaking Day at No 78 
 Late for Lunch 
 Low Tide, Crosby 
Hongshan WangReflection 
Wenyan WangTibetan girl 
Philippa Wheatcroft DPAGBBilberry SurfingFIAP Ribbon
 Faithful Companion 
 Noble of Heart 
Carolyn WhettonHard Frost 
Eileen R Wilkinson ARPS CPAGB AFIAPTulip Triptych 
Jennifer Willis BT95HATotal Focus 
Weixiang XuDesire 
Xuebiao YangEast African women in front of window 
 Itinerant Bangladeshi children 
Danlei Ye MPSANenets child11 
Huiping YiNew things of old teahouse 
Hong ZhaoNostalgiaPSA Gold
 Memories of the south 


Wendy Anne Allard FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Face the Future 
 Other Worldly 
Qi AnInnocent 
Igor Antipov AFIAPMorning 
Yin BaDrive camels 
Barry Badcock ARPSOn the Pier 
 Tulip Stairs 
Cyril Boyd AFIAP LRPS PPSA BPE3*Leap of faithMCPF Ribbon
 Ballet T 
 Make the pass 
Judy Boyle EFIAP/gat the wake 
 roma family with horse 
 the triplets 
 women in her kitchen 
David BrayChernobyl Gas Masks 
 The Lancaster Boys 
Pat Broad ARPS EFIAP/bFrosted Grasses and PinesPSA Bronze
 Pines and Mist 
 Solitary Tree Tuscany 
Frank Callens AFIAPZeelandbridge 
Hao ChenDesire 
 Kindly mother 
Richard Cherry ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE5*Trishaw Ride In Rain 
Colin Close LRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5*Jon Burton 
 Morning Light 
Brian Collins ARPS AFIAPErnesto 
 Faye on the Ropes 
Clare Collins CPAGB LRPS CPAGBTolkien Woods 
Sandie Cox ARPS DPAGBSkeletal Trees in Winter 
Irmgard Crispinlost in thought 
Jos Cuppens AFIAP EPSABaard 
Roger De Groof EFIAPPEEP 
Brian Dicks ARPS DPAGBCase DismissedMCPF Medal
 Richard and Susan 
 The Lookout 
Jose Diez De Los Rios LopezA LA LUZ DEL INCIENSO 
Nicole Dittus AFIAPThe last Dance 
Tom Dodd DPAGB FIPFAlpine Descent 
 The Village Belfast 
Colleen Donaldson ARPSLake's Edge 
Calvin Downes EFIAP/s BPE3*Missed tackle 
 Tolerance Bridge at night 
Ralph Duckett MPAGB EFIAP APAGBWaiting for his ReturnPSA Ribbon
 All Alone 
Roy Essery MPAGBKilmore Church 
Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/sPerformanceFIAP Ribbon
 Between the BarsMCPF Ribbon
 Georgia-Rose Brown off Bar 
 Spin to WinPAGB Gold
Chunping FangCooking 
 Smoking elder 
 The elder 
 Yi ethnic elder 
Steve FieldC Jump 
 The Leap 
Alison J Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*In the WindowMCPF Ribbon
 Window StatueMCPF Ribbon
 Lady in Lace 
 Window Seat 
Andy Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Girl in the Factory 
 Warming Up 
William Gleeson ARPS EFIAP PPSA AFIAPFarm Art 
 Going to Work in Fog 
Holger Goehler PPSAFarmers market 
Leonid Goldin EFIAPNight in hospitalPSA Ribbon
 Childhood tales 
 Solo for accordion 
Bob Goode LRPS EFIAP BPE1*Ascent 
 Trouble Behind 
 Winter in black 
Lynda Haney DPAGB BPE3*I am she, she is meMCPF Medal
 Checking the Landing 
Paul Hayward LRPS DPAGBTrapped 
Joy HerbertMaking Tacos 
Stephen Hitchen DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Lonliness 
Dean Irvine LIPF BPE1*Punk Samurai 
Andras Arpad JanossyThe silent melancholy of fate 
Mieke JanssensTHREE TREES 
Dinah Jayes ARPS EFIAP MPAGBThe Leap 
 Trees in the Mist 
Barbara Jenkin ARPS EFIAP/p GMPSA/s BPE4*Cool Arella 
 Luci Gothic 
Malcolm Jenkin EFIAP/p GMPSA/s CPAGB BPE4*Cubic Dreamer 
Koshy JohnsonYipee home time 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*DesolateMCPF Medal
 Attic lightMCPF Ribbon
 EntwinedMCPF Ribbon
 At the ball 
John King BPE2*Bloody Job Is Killing Me 
 Out Of This World 
Achim Koepf EFIAPd3Viktoria 120 
Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB BPE5*Joseph 
Jianping LiReturn in the snow 
Xingye LiCry 
 Joy of harvest 
Gary Loughran LIPFShoeFIAP Ribbon
 Small people 
Wenjie LuoFight for mastery on yak back 
Peter Maguire LRPS AFIAP CPAGBDwarfed 
Andrea Maina EFIAP/s EPSAMainmast and jib 
Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB FBPEPancake TutuGPU Ribbon
 3 Black Cylinders 
 Sitting Beauty 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Twenties Elegance 
Ann Miles FRPS MPAGB FBPE EFIAPLaying a Wreath 
 Tight Cornering 
Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPSA FBPEJay Thompson on Pommell Horse 
Hugh Milsom FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/D1Rough Seas ScarboroughFIAP Silver
Jo Monro AFIAP ARPSChurch in the Mist 
Ruud MooiBedlam 
Mario Corrado MorettiLancia 
Jane Morris Abson LRPSHomeless 
 The Pianist 
David Moyes AFIAPForth Rail Bridge 
 Hidden Treasure 
Andy NewmanBusby and Goodfellows 
 Chewing up the Turf 
 Wulfsport 47 
Gabriel Joseph O Shaughnessy MFIAP EFIAP/gMiss ElliePSA Ribbon
 Brothers 2PSA Silver
Norman O'Neill EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Simply Tulips 
 Who You Looking At 
Dianne Owen FRPSAlways There 
 Escape Atempt 
 The GuildhallPAGB Silver
Yasemin Ozermuhabbet2 
Roger Paxton AFIAPCedric The Cobbler 
John Phillips BPE2*Foggy TidewayGPU Ribbon
 Creature of the Night 
 Stairway to History 
David Portwain ARPS CPAGBCave Girl 
Gary Potts APSA GMPSA SPSARevolutionary 
 Rowdy Randy 
Robert Prenton Jones EFIAP/g BPE4*The Gentleman Caller 
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS EFIAP/g BPE5*PearlPSA Gold
 MemoriesPAGB Ribbon
 Soul Mates 
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAPThe Jacket 
 The Lads 
Rafael Sanchez Cernuda EsFiapNiños del Colmado 
 Peasant on the Beach 2 
Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Taz 
Gillian Smith CPAGBHill Top Trio 
Barrie SpenceBalletic leap - Errin 1PAGB Ribbon
 Nudes on the cube Lilith 1 
 Ratpack moves 1 
 Shapes in the box - Carla 2 
Fiona SpenceCocoa Nude 4 
 Nat in Natural 
Richard Spurdens EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*A straight leg raise 
 Aerial Ring shapes 
 Simplisity of form 
Paul Stanley FIPFUps and Downs 
Sandra Dorothee Starke LRPSSeagulls on Black Beach 
Giap Chiu Teo EFIAP/g GMPSA/gSu Pei In Goldden Net BW 
Sue Vaines LRPS CPAGB AFIAPAlone in the Woods 
 Approaching Storm 
 Watching and Waiting 
An Sheng Wangexcursion 
 Villages Morning#3 
Philippa Wheatcroft DPAGBEasy Repayment Terms Available 
 Winter Isolation 
Thomas Wiemer AFIAP PPSAsky walk 
 the wood carver 
Jennifer Willis BT95HAPenultimate HurdleMCPF Ribbon
 The SovietFIAP Gold
 This Old Man 
Mick WillisHouse in the BarleyGPU Ribbon
 Deep in the Forest 
 Shingle Bank and Posts 
Xuebiao YangFace 
 Praying for children 
 ExpectingGPU Silver


Peter Adams BPE2* LIPFDean 
 High Hurdler 
Tony AielloLondon Blues 
Fatih Aktas KASK AFIAPGold 
Wendy Anne Allard FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Why 
Xiping AnCamel Dog 
Frederick Archer BPE2* CPAGBMillie 
Pierre Bacquey AFIAPThe Bridge 
Barry Badcock ARPSLucas 
 Natasha 09 
Anurag Badoliya AFIPCamel Seller 
Benli BaiGalloping in the Waves 
Phillip BarberCool LandingsMCPF Medal
 BrunelMCPF Ribbon
Luis Maria BarrioCosiendo Redes De Pesca 02 
Rajdeep Biswas MPSA EFIAPPose88 
Cor Boers EFIAP eldafC-4 Flessen 
Daniel BonteTakachiho 
Saurav Kumar Boruah PHOTOGRAPHYCLUBOFASSAMThe Wood-cutter 
Cyril Boyd AFIAP LRPS PPSA BPE3*Almost There 
 Big Hit 
 Cat in the Window 
Judy Boyle EFIAP/gEyes Eyes 
 On the Farm 
 Pink and Red Hairbands 
 The Chicken Run 
Ray Brammall EFIAP/bARPSRacquet AttackMCPF Medal
 Determined Grin 
David BrayMilky Way At Kirkjufell With Rocket 
 We Could Be Heroes 
Peter Brisley ARPS DPAGB AFIAP BPE2*Children of the Omo 
 Face Paint 
Andrew BuckleyDeep in Thought 
 Old Cottage 
 Trying to stay dry, Castlerigg Stone Circle 
Gunter BueschingBasel 
John BulpittSam Oldham - Commonwealth Champion 
Catherine Bushe EFIAP/g LIPFBuilder's Break 
Frank Callens AFIAPMediTerra 
Juan Caobetween cloud and Water 
Jiajun Chai MPSA2Temppeliaukion Church81 
H.W. Chan EFIAP/p GMPSA/b FRPS FPSABelong to Her World 
 Catch Shrimp C4 
 Stampede CS06 
Gwolong ChangReceiving NetMCPF Ribbon
Sherman Cheang EFIAPA.CPESEPSSI Like Water Lily 
Shaohua Chenface 
Xinxin Chen GMPSA/b ARPSLife in Ethiopia4 
 The Jewish Community53 
Zifeng ChenDiao Sheep 
Ka Chon Chiang EFIAPPunch4 
Bob Chiu PPSAIndia23 
 Keep As a Souvenir 
 Life in Morocco14 
Peter Clark AFIAPCPAGB CPAGBBottling Out Again 
 Yesterday and Tomorrow 
Paul Clarke ARPS AFIAPIts Been a Hard Life 
 Its Been a Long Day 
Colin Close LRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5*High Note 
George Collett CPAGB DPAGBMud Larks 
Clare Collins CPAGB LRPS CPAGBEnjoying the Late Sunshine 
Malcolm CookStepping Stones 
 Team Leader 
 Thomas Quinn 
David F Cooke FRPS EFIAPEnlightened 
Robin Cooter LRPS CPAGB AFIAPLocal Hero 
Audrey Couchman BPE1*Heavenly Lights 
Robin Couchman LRPS AFIAP BPE3*Slovenian Hay Barn 
Sandie Cox ARPS DPAGBSkateboarder 
Roger Creber ARPS EFIAP DPAGBThe Viewer 
Sue Critchlow ARPS CPAGB BPE1*Camargue Gallop 
 Ellie with Hat 
 Kirkjufell Iceland 
Ken CrostonBathtime 
 Save Me 
Stuart Daffin LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Asian Affiar 
 The Last Drop 
Christopher Davies ARPS DPAGB BPE2*Survivor 
Emma Davies BPE2*Incoming 
Ivo De Decker EFIAPnepali homeMCPF Ribbon
 black mountains 
Youdong DengWa CarnivalMCPF Ribbon
Umberto Deramo PPSA GPUCR2 GPUVIP2 RISF1Green Rhapsody 
Rachel DomleoThe Artist 
Calvin Downes EFIAP/s BPE3*Running Free 
Cezary Dubiel EFIAP/p AV-AFIAP AFRPSpiral No.2 
 Together Through the Life 
Ralph Duckett MPAGB EFIAP APAGBLeaving 
 Sunday Afternoon 
 The Washroom 
Michel Dupouy EFIAP/sUnperturbed 
Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE DPAGB/avAlezandra 
 Oop's ! 
Esther EpsteinChristmas Blessing 
 Stairs, India 
Serpil ErogluAwait 
Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/sOn Her ShoulderPSA Ribbon
 Georgia May Fenton Beam Routine 
 Sam Oldham Pommel Dismount 
 The LevitationistFIAP Silver
Tim Evans LRPSSouth Sawyer Calving 
Niall Ferguson LRPS CPAGB AFIAPBelgian Coming Down 
Steve FieldDownhill 
Michel FoehrShining mountain 
Franco Fratini EFIAP/sSigns of Aging 
Jesper FremmingBrunch at Dizzy Heights 
Alison J Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Bedtime 
 Morning Feed 
Kin Keong Fu EFIAPBreak Through 
Wei Fu EPSAFrom Fence 
Sara GABRIELSThe Hague 
 The Rietplas 
 The Viking 
Tim GilbertDangerous Position 
 Sand Patterns, Bay of Laig 
 The Catch 
Kenneth Gillies CPAGB AFIAPLettuce Coral and Diver 
 Stormy Portsoy 
Christopher Gledhill AFIAP CPAGBAt the Imperial City 
Debao GongSynchronization 
Jasmina Gorjanski AFIAP MF3HFSTram in BlizzardGPU Ribbon
 Winter in Blue 
Jacqui Jay Grafton EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*We Are Not Amused 
Leah GrayDetermination 
 Wild Dance 
Van Greaves FRPSIndian Infant Boy 
Jean Jacques Grethen AFIAP EFIAPGuggenheim 
Xi GuBuzkashi 
Yi Gulittle Monks 
Bill Hall AFIAP DPAGB ABPECunndal Bay 
 Get Off My Beach 
Jacqueline Hammer EFIAP/d2 APSEM GPUCr2After the Rain 
Lynda Haney DPAGB BPE3*Elephant FamilyPSA Gold
 Grass Track Racing 
 Shades of Blue 
Lorraine Hardy AFIAP BPE3* CPAGBMourning 
Graham Harris AFIAP QPSA AAPS GPUCR-1Campdraft Pressure_04 
Colin Harrison EFIAP/d3 MPSA GPSA FRPSAircraft Graveyard 
 Blue Badby 
Paul Hayward LRPS DPAGBTrapped in the Light 
Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p BPE5* MPAGBBog Eyed 
 The Competitors 
Stephen Hitchen DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Times Three 
Alexander Hochhaus AFIAPAnywhere You Go 
Julie Holbeche-Maund LRPSRydal-waterGPU Ribbon
 Lost Time 
Cathy HolgateMasai Children 
 Rugby in the Rain 
John Holt ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Autumn Gold 
David Hopes CPAGBStrangers On The EscalatorMCPF Ribbon
 Five One Seven Races On 
 Safe Landings 
Jenni Horsnell GMPSA/s EFIAPThree Shearers 
Martin HortonSimply RedPSA Ribbon
 The Tailor of Srinagar 
 Tokyo Jo 
 Another PlaceGPU Silver
Weiguo HuCome Into Town 
 Heroic Style on Prairie 
Haiyan Huang MPSA2Hammer Tribe33MCPF Ribbon
Shuhong HuanghardworkingPAGB Ribbon
Bob Humphreys AFIAP DPAGB BPE2*Morning Glow 
Trevor Hunter DPAGB EFIAP BPE5*Stokksnes 
Nasar HussainFrom hope to despair 
Alfredo Ingino EFIAPContemplation 
 The Painter 
Dean Irvine LIPF BPE1*I am vengeance, i am the night.... 
Wendy Irwin ARPS CPAGBColour Run 
Paul JamesDanger Mind Your Step 
Martin Janes BPE2*Aurora Borealis 
 The Last GoodbyePSA Silver
Paul Jay ARPS DPAGB BPE5*My First Gig 
 The Chick 
Yonghong Jin EPSAbeautiful Girl 1 
 sama Festival 3 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*Twisted LookGPU Ribbon
 Beach Net 
 Kilt Jump 
Alan JonesA Drying Line 
Tom Jones DPAGB BPE3*SplashdownPSA Bronze
 Bar Bending 
 Four in a Row 
 Jess Taylor 
Marcus KamFlies Mating 11 
Jian KangPicking Hada 
Valeriy KhlizovGymnast with Clubs 
 Magic Hoop 
 Soaring Angel 
John King BPE2*A Moments Escapism 
Jo Knight DPAGB AFIAP QPSAOphelia 
 DisobedientGPU Gold
Achim Koepf EFIAPd3Lofoten 222 
 Viktoria 122 
 Yamal 841 
Klea Kyprianou EFIAP/bFriends for Ever 
Duc Toai Le EVAPA,E.FIAP/SConversation 
Luis Leandro Serrano MFCF5*&MCEFB4 Mail Train 
Stephen LeeMans Best Friend 
 The Crofter 
Ken Lester BPE1* CPAGBA Real Shower 
 Chatting in the Rain 
 Playing Ball 
Chuanzhong LiHomeless 
Fang LiWarmth 
Jianbin LiIn Light 
Jianping LiStrive to Be the First 
Ming LiHard to Extricate Himself 2PAGB Ribbon
Xingye LiMake Concerted Effort 
Yong Zhi LiFarmer Man 01 
 Happy Old Woman_01 
Kristanto Lie PPSAFree Ballet Dance 
 Great Mother 
 Lotus and Heron 
Guek Cheng LimIn Love 11 
Yong Linlittle Monk 
 tribe Kids 
Beimeng LiuDaliang Mountains63 
Jianjun Liucamel Team 
Shengdong Liuhawk 
 in Mirror 
Helen Kay LloydSeargant Major 
Fengying Long MPSAOmo River Valley63 
 Painting on Face25 
Gary Loughran LIPFIn Bruges 
 Urban Jungle 
Wenguang Luclerk in the Teahouse 
 trading on the Water 
Zaohua LuoEnchantment 
Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/d3Groep Kuifmakaken 2 
 Met Paard En Kar 
 Nee Ja Wat 
Aage MadsenPortrait of an Angel 
 The Ferry 
Peter Maguire LRPS AFIAP CPAGBMusical Rapture 
Kaizhe MaoSpring 
Beauraind Marcel EFIAP/p D-ISF SEPSSL Elegance Du Charme 
 Princesse Adella 
Gus MartinezAlone in Night 
 Spring Rain 
Peter McCloskey FRPSFisherman Li River 
 Matang Woman China 
 Pipe Smoker 
Brian McClure DPAGB EFIAP LRPS BPE3*PongoFIAP Ribbon
 Sad Clown 
 Straight Flush 
Norma McDowall EFIAPWhite Anemone 
Iain McFadyen EFIAP/s LRPSExtreme Racing 
 Flat Out 
Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB FBPEDid You Say Treat? 
 Ornamental Nude 
Gregory McStrawSleeping Beauty 
Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/d3 MPAGB APAGBLast Look BackMCPF Ribbon
 Good Old Days 
 The Conspirators 
Marco Merello AFIAPIl Fidanzamento 
Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPSA FBPESomersault on BeamPSA Ribbon
 Watchful RefereePAGB Gold
Jane Morris Abson LRPSBig Brother is Watching You 
Lynne Morris MPAGB ABPE AFIAP AWPFMountain Hare in SnowFIAP Ribbon
 This Way Up 
 TV Dinner 
David Moyes AFIAPSt MonansMCPF Ribbon
 Glen Trool 
Eileen Murray DPAGB ABPE EFIAP/sHome Alone 
 Lord Pinsent 
Vladimir Myagkov AFIAPIn Memory 
Andy NewmanChris 'bomber' Harris 
 Just a Scratch 
 Over and Out 
Gabriel Joseph O Shaughnessy MFIAP EFIAP/gReady for ActionMCPF Ribbon
 Gallery Time Out 
 Lexi's Room 
Sue O'Connell ARPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*Dawn over Volcano Landscape 
 Hama Woman and Child 
 The Race is on 
Buket Ozatay EFIAP/gShirin 
Yasemin OzerEzgi 
Dainis OzolsHorizon...? 
Simon Page MrThe Veil 
Erno PakotBasic instinct. 
Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGBFrom Above 
L D Dinesh Rukmal Ayantha Perera EFIAP GPUCR2 FAPSFire Man 
Christine PhilippeJumanjii 
 Les Demoiselles Orchestra 
 Vince Le Pirate 
Robert Prenton Jones EFIAP/g BPE4*Girl with Candle 
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS EFIAP/g BPE5*Sadhbh and Her HoundsFIAP Gold
 Lady of the Lake 
Alfred Preuss EFIAP/sMandrillMCPF Ribbon
Manel Puigcerver AFIAPThe Blond Girl 
Robert Quig DPAGB EFIAPBeach Walkers 
 Storm Light 
Terry Railley EFIAP/p ARPS DPAGBLounging 
Alireza RajaiehA Detail of Tehran's Freedom 
Malcolm Rapier ARPS BPE4* EFIAP/sCranes and Tracks Battersea 
George Reekie DPAGB ABPEBiting the Dust 
 Hemispheric in Valencia 
 Sidecar Moto X 
Steve Reynolds EFIAP/g EPSA ARPSThe Death of Religion 
Sue Riach ARPS APSNZEat Our Dust 
 Using Your Head 
Brenda RimmerThe Fishermans Wife 
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAPFeeding Time 
Johnnie Rogers ARPS DPAGB AFIAP AWPFCastle Combe 
David Rowlands AFIAP FAPS PPSATungkilo Ruins 
Nupur Kumar Roy EFIAP/bBonda Woman Cooking 
 Rural Woman 
 Sitting on the Stairs 
Trevor Rudkin LRPS BPE1*Supplicant 
Guy B. Samoyault MFIAP APSA GMPSAFleuret Feminin 
 Salar De Surire 1 
Mousumi Sarkar EFIAPCautiously 
 Different Holi 
Tim Sawyer CPAGB EFIAPWartime Letters Home 
Barbara Schmidt EFIAP EPSAStilt Fishing 01 
 Varanasi Sadhu with Flowers 01 
David Scott EFIAP DPAGBCowboys 
 Riding the Vibe 
 Rodeo Clown 
 The Posse 
Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Flour Spinner 
 Let the Circus Begin 
 The StarePAGB Silver
Norbert Senser EFIAPArrone 
 The Cat 
Pam SherrenAlta Parish Church 
 Glacier National Park 
 Through the Gap 
Kim-Pheng Sim PPSABajau Lovely Children 
 Durba Pretty 
Amanda Sims EFIAP CPAGB BPE2* AWPFLady with the Lamp 
 Pandoras Box 
Karen Smalley BPE1*Indiana Lilly 
 Me and My Piano 
 Piano Soloist 
 You've Been Warned 
Graham Snowden MrImperial War Museum Salford 
Yilan Song PPSARead Newspaper 
Joanne Sowden LRPSNight Time Reflections 
 Taking a Break 
Barrie SpenceJust Peachy En Pointe 1MCPF Ribbon
 Dancing Up a Storm 1 
Fiona SpenceFaith in Red 
 Movement Series - Flourish 
Hugh Spence CPAGB EFIAPFlame in the Dark 
 Reclining Together 
Gary SpicerFireball 
 Lewis Hamilton 
Richard Spurdens EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*Getting Ready to Dance 
Luc Stalmans AFIAP PPSAAfter the King's Battle 
 In Dreams 
 Powerfull Elegance 
 The Chameleon Soul 
Paul Stanley FIPFThe Devotee 
 Tom ODonnell 
Klaus Stock EFIAP/b HonEFIAP HonPHS Hon.FPIEmbryo Position 
Michael Strapec AFIAPRequiem for HarmonyMCPF Medal
 GoodfellaFIAP Ribbon
 In the Land of Lonely SoulsMCPF Ribbon
Katia StroobantsChateau Des Livres 
David StuartArgenton-sur-creuse 
Alexey Suloev PPSA AFIAPMursi People 
Chengbo SunDream Scene 
Qingsheng SunFlying 
Lee Sutton LRPS DPAGB BPE4* PPSAHole in the Defence 
 Kirkjufellsfoss Northern Lights 
 Waxwing Eating Berries Textured 
Lee Eng Tan PPSASherina 1 
Ngee Chye TeoAnnie 
Than Sint Than SintFloating Market at Sunrise 
 Pottery People 
Anthony Roger ThomasJumping over 
Keith Thorburn EFIAP LRPS CPAGBLoch Leven Island 
John Thorndike LRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Here Come the Girls 
 Tomas Horne 
Christine Tidman EFIAP CPAGB AWPFTegan 
Jiangchuan TongGalloping Horses 
Jonathan Vaines AFIAP CPAGB LRPSCromer 
 Dovercourt High Tide 
Alexandre Vajaianu EFIAP/sMadeline 22 
Karine Van Der Werf QPSAHeliostaat 
Jhony Vandebroeck Herr E-Fiap/p MPSAStuivend Zand 
Yi Wan GMPSA/g LRPSHanging Net 11 
 Terraced Field 18 
Gang Wangsenior 
Philippa Wheatcroft DPAGBFlossie 
 Gentle of Spirit 
 In the Old Barn 
 Ready and Waiting 
Gillian WheelerFemale Polar Bear-svalbard 
John Whitby MFIAP EFIAPp MPAGB BPE3Memories of Home 
 Top Secret 
Thomas Wiemer AFIAP PPSALady in Blue 
 One Hand Standing 
 Red Hat 
Eileen R Wilkinson ARPS CPAGB AFIAPWistful Thinking 
Jennifer Willis BT95HAEthereal 
 Up and Over 
Loretta Yat Wong MPSABethlehem7 
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGBEyes on the Bend 
 Three Candles 
Ling XieThe Jewish Community1 
 Train Festival15 
 Train Festival17 
Huiqian Yang PPSAUganda Child6 
Weijing Yanga Child 2 
Danlei Ye MPSAMorocco12 
 The Nenets Campsite7 
 The Nenets15 
Hongbing Ye APSAbangladesh Train12 
Jun Ye PPSAdance 19 
Fendy P.C. Yeoh EFIAP/b PPSAHidden Beauty 
Shun Zhangfight 
 rob Sheep Competition 
Hong ZhaoMorning Market of Ancient Town 
 Noisy Ancient Town 
Jinli ZhaoHunting 
Zibu ZhouHard Road to Success 
Zhiquan ZhuKenya Style --- Fetch Water 


Peter Adams BPE2* LIPFBlack Swan 
 The Clown 
Terri Adcock LRPS CPAGB AFIAP PPSAScoring the Try 
Adit Agarwala EFIAP/s FRPSChicken Supplier 
Fatih Aktas KASK AFIAPLook 
Olav-Inge Alfheim EFIAP/pGodafoss VGPU Ribbon
Wendy Anne Allard FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Lady in Bowler 
 Lost Friendship 
Bill Allsopp BillAllsoppPhotographyBench and Tree. 
 Three Bridges. 
Xiping AnCamels in Teh Desert 
 Shepherd and Seven Horses 3 
Frederick Archer BPE2* CPAGBIntertwineMCPF Medal
Pierre Bacquey AFIAPLa Traversee 
Barry Badcock ARPSWicken Fen Wind Pump 
Phillip BarberHigh Jumper 
 Witch Hunter 
 Happy LandingsFIAP Silver
Luis Maria BarrioKayan Woman 
 The Boy 
Dinabandhu Bhattacharya EFIAPAnger 
Rajdeep Biswas MPSA EFIAPIpshita98 
Gerhard Boehm EFIAP GMPSA MDVFPatrick 
Cor Boers EFIAP eldafZW-1 Terp 
 ZW-3 Winter 
Saurav Kumar Boruah PHOTOGRAPHYCLUBOFASSAMCountryside Lives 
Cyril Boyd AFIAP LRPS PPSA BPE3*Flower GirlMCPF Ribbon
 At the Hop 
Judy Boyle EFIAP/gThe 4 Dolls 
Ray Brammall EFIAP/bARPSChinese Whispers 
Michael Bray SA127DEPorthcawl Pier 
Val Brierley LRPSPreparation 
Peter Brisley ARPS DPAGB AFIAP BPE2*Gujarati Child 
 Hama Trio 
Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski ARPSGentleman of Dominica 
Steven BryantHard Day 
 Life at 14. 
Rosemary BuckettYoung Pianist 
Andrew BuckleyThe Pipe Smoker 
Gunter Bueschinggefangen 
John BulpittPrivate Viewing 
Catherine Bushe EFIAP/g LIPFResting Place 
Frank Callens AFIAPEYE 
 The Lonely Palace of Versailles 
Barrie Castle LRPSContemplation 
Jiajun Chai MPSA2Ethiopian22 
H.W. Chan EFIAP/p GMPSA/b FRPS FPSABeautiful Line 01 
Peter Clark AFIAPCPAGB CPAGBEvening Edifice 
Paul Clarke ARPS AFIAPHello Can You Hear Me 
Colin Close LRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5*Work OutMCPF Ribbon
George Collett CPAGB DPAGBDetermination 
Clare Collins CPAGB LRPS CPAGBLakeside Willow 
Malcolm CookCalm Sea at Dawn 
 Incoming Storm 
Robin Cooter LRPS CPAGB AFIAPMarket Trader 
Audrey Couchman BPE1*Snow at Gimsoy Church 
Robin Couchman LRPS AFIAP BPE3*Elgol Rocks 
 Gimsoy Church in SnowstormPSA Silver
Roger Creber ARPS EFIAP DPAGBMisty Day 
Bryan Crick AFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Buckfast Abbey 
Sue Critchlow ARPS CPAGB BPE1*Brantwood Jetty 
 Girl and Kitten Mono 
Ken CrostonCurly 
Jos Cuppens AFIAP EPSATwee Jongelingen2 
Stuart Daffin LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Leap to Frame 
Emma Davies BPE2*On A Bum Note 
Ivo De Decker EFIAPlonely kid 
Umberto Deramo PPSA GPUCR2 GPUVIP2 RISF1Differenze Comunicative 
Alan Dolby CPAGBMusic Room 
Rachel DomleoWaiting 
Philip Downie TitleSwirl 
Cezary Dubiel EFIAP/p AV-AFIAP AFRPIn the Space of LinesPSA Gold
 My Dendrology 
 Tree of Talents 
Michel Dupouy EFIAP/sTentation 
Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE DPAGB/avBlack Country Kitchen 
 Peaky Blinder 
Esther EpsteinCoffee Shop 
Serpil ErogluRope 
 Tired Lives 
Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/sPike Position DivePSA Bronze
 Teimana Harrison Surges ThroughPAGB Ribbon
 Aulika Release to MacGinty 
 Lauren Jones Off Bar 
Steve FieldContemplation 
Jesper FremmingChallenge 
Kin Keong Fu EFIAPSelfless 
Sara GABRIELSFather and Son 
Kenneth Gillies CPAGB AFIAPExploring the WreckPAGB Ribbon
 Snowy Loch Rannoch 
 Wreck Diver 
Christopher Gledhill AFIAP CPAGBModels 
Leonid Goldin EFIAPIn the Parking 
 Night Corridor 
Debao GongThe Old 
Bob Goode LRPS EFIAP BPE1*Passengers 
Jasmina Gorjanski AFIAP MF3HFSMimicry 
 Misty Morning 
 Snow Covered City 
Jacqui Jay Grafton EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Leon 
Leah GrayElephant Tussle 
 Wild in the SandGPU Gold
Van Greaves FRPSThe Police Sergeant #2 
Jean Jacques Grethen AFIAP EFIAPRock in the Waves 
 Waiting of Somebody 
Inese GrizaneReflections III 
Bill Hall AFIAP DPAGB ABPEThree Trees in WinterFIAP Ribbon
 Glen Shiel Sentinel 
 Storm Freya 
 Winter Forage 
Jacqueline Hammer EFIAP/d2 APSEM GPUCr2Heading OutGPU Ribbon
H Hammond LRPS DPAGBProud Owner 
Lynda Haney DPAGB BPE3*Far Away 
 Natasha and Hummingbirds 
Bjarne Juhl Hansen PSA** EFIAP ASDFSteps to street 
Richard Harding EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4*Gimsoy Church in a BlizzardFIAP Ribbon
Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p BPE5* MPAGBBlaydon High Jumper 
 Hurdling in the Rain 
 Slalom 2 
 Up for It 
Stephen Hitchen DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Beneath the Pier 
 Perch Rock Lighthouse 
Bill Hodges Northshore2.kick Up Dust 
 The Farmer 
John Holt ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Commuters 
Martin HortonCarved by the Wind 
 Come Rain, Come Shine 
 Lake Inle Sunrise 2 - Taking Position 
Deying Huang PPSAliangshan Man 5 
Alfredo Ingino EFIAPCompound Fracture 
 Sardinian Carnival Mask 3 
Dean Irvine LIPF BPE1*Aphrodite 
Paul JamesThe Return of Austerity 
Martin Janes BPE2*Steaming 
Paul Jay ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Kumar 
 The Consolation of Old Age 
Dinah Jayes ARPS EFIAP MPAGBIn the Wall 
 That Look 
Barbara Jenkin ARPS EFIAP/p GMPSA/s BPE4*Rufffled Dreamer 
Malcolm Jenkin EFIAP/p GMPSA/s CPAGB BPE4*Miri Dancing 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*Diagonal Legs 
 On the Boards 
 Shadow Balance 
Tom Jones DPAGB BPE3*Racing in the RainMCPF Ribbon
 French Trio 
 Welsh Power 
John King BPE2*Millenium Lift Bridge 
Achim Koepf EFIAPd3Fanny 58 
Ya KuangDesirePSA Ribbon
 The Fence 
 Tribal Song 
Klea Kyprianou EFIAP/bEdro III Paphos 
Duc Toai Le EVAPA,E.FIAP/SHasten 
Luis Leandro Serrano MFCF5*&MCEFA3 Purification in the Taj Mahal 
 A4 Train Mechanic 
Stephen LeeKicking Up the Dust 
 The Mechanic 
Woorhee LeeMotion and Motionless 
 My Way 
Sharron LeppienBaobab Daily Life 5366MCPF Medal
 Life Lines 
Ken Lester BPE1* CPAGBA Penny for Your Thoughts 
 After You 
 The Girls are Back in Town 
Fang LiDusk 
Jianping LiInnocent Childhood 
Yong Zhi LiMan_01_bwMCPF Ribbon
 Man _02_BW 
Kristanto Lie PPSARound and Round 
Guek Cheng LimMeeting 
Yong Linlittle Girl 
Jianjun Liushopkeeper 
Shengdong Liuintimacy 
Wenguang Lushoe Shop 
 tribal Marks6PAGB Gold
Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/d3Kuifmakaken in Tegenlicht in ZWWPSA Ribbon
 Weggestoken in ZWW 
Martin Malies ARPS EFIAP MPAGBFlying Dutchmen 
Kaizhe MaoA Happy Old Man 
 Come Across 
Gus MartinezChange of the World 
Thi Ha Maung PPSACome Back to Home 
 I Am a Winner M 
 Young Boy and Hoping 
Peter McCloskey FRPSDeadvlei 3BB 
 Han Woman with Child 
Brian McClure DPAGB EFIAP LRPS BPE3*Clarabell 
Iain McFadyen EFIAP/s LRPSNatural History Museum 
Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB FBPEBallet Leap 
 Chainmail Scarf 
 Silver Statue 
 Shasta's BeautyGPU Silver
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Grace 
 The Chauffeur 
Gregory McStrawFanad Mood 
 Time and Space 
Ann Miles FRPS MPAGB FBPE EFIAPJet Ski Championships 
 Moonrise , Lapland 
Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPSA FBPEHighly Strung 
 Jamie Lewis on Rings 
 Old Slate Mine 
Lynne Morris MPAGB ABPE AFIAP AWPFEscaping Reality 
 Heads or Tails 
 The Bear Necessities 
Chris Mowatt DPAGB LRPS EFIAP BPE4*Clear at the Water Jump 
David Moyes AFIAPFalkirk Wheel 
 Gull over St Abbs 
 Media City 
 Squinty Bridge 
Eileen Murray DPAGB ABPE EFIAP/sLast Man Standing 
 School's Out 
Sue O'Connell ARPS EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*Object of Attention 
 Togetherness, Gujarat 
Terry O'ConnorManhattan 
Buket Ozatay EFIAP/gLet Out 
Yasemin OzerMuhabbet2 
Dainis OzolsWhere are we going? 
Simon Page MrBody Scape 
Erno PakotSuspicious look. 
Jacky Panhuyzen EFIAP/b MPSAWorrying Look 
Brendon Parker LAPSWells Cathedral 
Elizabeth Passuello EPSA EFIAP FPSNZ AAPSOtherwise Fine 
Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGBGracefulness 
 Pancake Tutu 
L D Dinesh Rukmal Ayantha Perera EFIAP GPUCR2 FAPSSaints 2 
Andy Polakowski EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE5* GPU-Cr2Roman Style 
Glenn Porter LRPS EFIAP AWPFA Table by the Window 
Robert Prenton Jones EFIAP/g BPE4*Harsh ChoicesMCPF Medal
 In Those Parisienne DaysFIAP Ribbon
 La Decisione 
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS EFIAP/g BPE5*The Secret DiaryFIAP Gold
 Night Life 
 The Prayer 
Chunlin QuLunch 
Robert Quig DPAGB EFIAPFrozen Image 
Terry Railley EFIAP/p ARPS DPAGBDreaming 
Malcolm Rapier ARPS BPE4* EFIAP/sDuo 
 Number One 
Ann Rayers -choose- AFIAPRefinery 
George Reekie DPAGB ABPEThey're Behind You!MCPF Ribbon
 Bison in the Rain 
 Time Out 
Sue Riach ARPS APSNZStart at the End 
Johnnie Rogers ARPS DPAGB AFIAP AWPFFocused 
BÅRD RopstadThe Old Lighthouse 
Nupur Kumar Roy EFIAP/bDaily Life of Bondas 
Trevor Rudkin LRPS BPE1*Tunnel VisionGPU Ribbon
 Dusting of Snow 
 Eyes on the Ball 
Flemming RyborgDianaJessica 
Mousumi Sarkar EFIAPBusy at Work 
Tim Sawyer CPAGB EFIAPThe Wishing Tree 
Barbara Schmidt EFIAP EPSABent 
David Scott EFIAP DPAGBHook Line 
 Over and OutPAGB Silver
Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Head to Head 
 Let Us Pray 
 Rum Drinker 
Norbert Senser EFIAPAlleebäume 
 Fog in the Forest 
Pam SherrenAfter the Storm 
 Chicago Reflections 
Kim-Pheng Sim PPSAHi Good Morning 
Claude Simon EFIAP/pHimba and Shell 
Amanda Sims EFIAP CPAGB BPE2* AWPFReflection 
Karen Smalley BPE1*Hayden 
Graham Snowden Mr9466 Fireman and Foreman 
Yilan Song PPSABangladesh12 
 Childhood Time 2 
 Tribal Child 6 
Barrie SpenceContemplative 
Richard Spurdens EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*Figures in the Wall Squares 
Luc Stalmans AFIAP PPSAThe Cold Happiness 
 The Threat 
Paul Stanley FIPFCalm Sea and Rocks 
Michael Strapec AFIAPSee You in HeavenPSA Ribbon
 Never Forgotten 
 When the Time Comes... 
Chengbo SunFighting Against Fate 
 In the Old Age 
Lee Eng Tan PPSAMermaid 9 
 Play Time in the River 2 
Ngee Chye TeoSmile 
Anthony Roger ThomasGetting Acquainted 
Keith Thorburn EFIAP LRPS CPAGBCold Buachaille Beag 
Christine Tidman EFIAP CPAGB AWPFStars and Stripes 
 The Victorian Boy 
Jiangchuan TongLasso a Horse 3 
 The Queen 
Jonathan Vaines AFIAP CPAGB LRPSWatching Him Waiting 
Mikko Vapanen EFIAP/bDeep Thoughts 
 End of Time 
Michelle WalkerView from Above 
Yi Wan GMPSA/g LRPSAmy 17 
 Wish Peace 
Hongshan WangWatch 
Huifen Wang EPSAfishing Harvest 
Shouqin Wangcamel in Desert 1 
 camel in Desert 2 
David Wheeler FRPS EFIAP/p MFIAP DPAGBGrandma's Old TV 
 The Milkmaid 
 White Dome Geyser Display 
Thomas Wiemer AFIAP PPSAAngie at Chalet 
 Hamburg storehouses 
Jennifer Willis BT95HAMaking Waves 
 Shyness is Her Beauty 
Mick WillisA Street in Sarlat 
 Barn on the Hill 
 Sunflower Field 
Loretta Yat Wong MPSAThe Jewish Community6 
Jian XiongSmoking Life 
Huiqian Yang PPSAEthiopia's Tribe19MCPF Ribbon
Weijing Yangmother 
Hongbing Ye APSAtribal Child 2 
Jun Ye PPSAreflection 
Wei YeLove Follows Us 4 
Huiping YiGame 

PDI NATURE Acceptances

Terri Adcock LRPS CPAGB AFIAP PPSADuo Dalmation Pelicans 
 Sun Bear Sniffing 
Ray AllenFemale Stonechat 
Phillip BarberDipper with Nesting Material 
Manoj BindClaw That Rules 
Dave Bowen MPAGB EFIAP FBPECoots Tentative Offering 
 Crested Grebe Courtship 
 Grebe with Nesting Material 
Gordon Bramjham MPSA EFIAP/p MPAGB ARPSBear Brawl 2266 
Ray Brammall EFIAP/bARPSFemale Sparrowhawk 
 Male Sparrowhawk 
 Perching Kestrel 
 Red Back Shrike with Young 
Val Brierley LRPSRed Fox 
Chris Briggs CPAGB BPE2*Long Eared OwlMCPF Ribbon
John BulpittAvocets Squabbling 
 Green Shieldbug Egg-laying 
 Lily Beetles 
John Chamberlin FRPS MFIAPEuropean Rollers 
 Female Flyctcher with Caterpillar 
 Sparrowhawk Feeding 
H.W. Chan EFIAP/p GMPSA/b FRPS FPSAPolar Bear 44 
Gwolong ChangCapture 
Hao ChenBreed 
Kunping ChenEgret-cry Piteously for Food 
 Egret-wait for Food 
Shaohua Chenlanding 
Zifeng ChenLook at This Family 
 Mothers Shoulders 
 Naughty and Lively 
John Paul Coe BPE2*Curious Otter, Mull 
 Moulting Mountain Hare 
 Resting Dipper 
 Stalking Leopard 
George Collett CPAGB DPAGBLittle Bittern with Small Fish 
Robin Couchman LRPS AFIAP BPE3*Alert Red Deer 
 Dalmatian Pelican with Juveniles 
 Pelican on Lake Kerkini 
Sandie Cox ARPS DPAGBCheetah Mum and CubsGPU Ribbon
 Coyote in Snow 
 White Egret Chicks 
 Bison in a SnowstormPSA Silver
Roger Creber ARPS EFIAP DPAGBAfrican Wild Dog 
 Brown Hyena Walking 
Sue Critchlow ARPS CPAGB BPE1*Crested Tit 
 Red Squirrel 
Stuart Daffin LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Male Kestrel Making Kill 
Trevor Davenport ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Marbled Fritillary 
 Purple Thorn Moth,1st Generation 
 Southern Festoon Butterfly After Rain 
Ivo De Decker EFIAPfeeding arctic tern 
Umberto Deramo PPSA GPUCR2 GPUVIP2 RISF1Parallel 
Bob Devine EFIAP/p MPSALeopard by Kill 
 Lion Cub Warning 
Alan Dolby CPAGBNew Birth 
 Not Intersted Copy 
 South African Lion 
Calvin Downes EFIAP/s BPE3*Autumn Dawn Geese 
 Grey Heron with Fish 
 Little Egret Preening 
 Salmon Leaping the Falls 
Chris Elliott LRPS CPAGBLynx 
Esther EpsteinDried Out Lake 
Tommy Evans AFIAP AWPFGreat White in Flight 
Gianpiero Ferrari DPAGB FRPS FBPE EFIAPSooty Copper on Meadow CranesbillMCPF Ribbon
 Green-veined Orchid 
 Iceland Poppy 
Franco Fratini EFIAP/sWho are You 
Alison J Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Grasshopper Warbler ReelingMCPF Ribbon
 Mountain Goat 
Sara GABRIELSLibellula 
 Stay with Me 
Tim GilbertPeregrine Falcon Mantling 
Kenneth Gillies CPAGB AFIAPResting Green Sea TurtleFIAP Ribbon
 Blue Spotted Ray, Red Sea 
 Skunk Clownfish 
 Trying to Hide 
Leah GrayFollowingMCPF Medal
 Lion flushes Guinea FowlPSA Ribbon
Van Greaves FRPSCoots Squaring Up 
Jean Jacques Grethen AFIAP EFIAPLas Bardenas 
John HaddonGreen Hairstreak on Gorse Buds 
 Green Hairstreak on Hawthorn Leaf 
Colin HaighFemale Wren 
 Fishing Egret 
Julie Hall CPAGB BPE1*Red Dune Fox in Snowfall 
 Red Squirrel on Lichen 
William HallHyena tussle 
 Hyena with victim's leg 
Lynda Haney DPAGB BPE3*Mating Snipe Flies 
 Peregrine Falcon 
 Gyr FalconPAGB Gold
Richard Harding EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4*Lunging Alaskan Brown Bear 
 Watching its World Disappear 
Chrissie Hart ARPS DPAGB BPE1*Hyena with KillMCPF Ribbon
 Probocsis Monkey with Offspring 
Andrew Stuart Hayes ARPS EFIAP/b PPSA DPAGBA Life for Others to Live 
Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p BPE5* MPAGBRoller Tossing CricketMCPF Ribbon
 Grey Wolf Kiss 
 Osprey Preparing to Mate 2 
 Red Backed Shrike Feeding Young 
Stephen Hitchen DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Avocet in Flight 
 Little Egret with Froglet 
John Holt ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Antlers Proud 
Jenni Horsnell GMPSA/s EFIAPDarter Feeding Time 
 Dewy Damselfly 35 
Yuhui Huinsect 
Bob Humphreys AFIAP DPAGB BPE2*Best Foot Forward 
 Hawk Owl 
Trevor Hunter DPAGB EFIAP BPE5*Great Crested Grebe Feeding Young 
 Great Spotted Woodpecker with Young 
 Juvenile Female Kestrel 
Koshy JohnsonGrey Heron Attacking Snake 
 Red Lechwe 
Wolfgang Kaeding EFIAP GMPSACheetah Hunting Gazelle 
 Fighting in Dust 
Yealand Kalfayan BPSA QPSA BPE1*Berger's Clouded Yellow on Flax 
Marcus KamBaby SitterPAGB Ribbon
 In Love 1 
 Bugs LoveGPU Gold
Ray Kilham LRPS CPAGBCurlew in Flight 
Roy Killen EFIAP GMPSADefending the Meal 
John King BPE2*Blowing in the Wind 
 Two Kestrels 
Achim Koepf EFIAPd3Southgeorgia 1348 
 Southgeorgia 647 
Chau Le EFIAPPelican Fighting 
Jianping LiSweet Home 
Guek Cheng LimFood 6GPU Ribbon
 Red 2 
 Teamwork 4 
Shengdong Liuhyena 
Jingru Luo EPSA PPSABing Diao 
 Let Me Go 
Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/d3Lantaarntje Op Clematis 
Dee Maddams LRPS CPAGBBlack Vultures Dispute 
 Common Terns Passing the Fish 
 Red Deer Stag 
Stan Maddams LRPS CPAGB BPE1*Mayfly on a Nettle LeafMCPF Ribbon
 Gannet with Nesting Material 
Peter McCloskey FRPSSandhill Crane at Dawn 
Norma McDowall EFIAPCalling CorncrakePAGB Ribbon
 Female Bullfinch Feeding Fledgling 
Iain McFadyen EFIAP/s LRPSCuckoo Catch 
 Cuckoo VS Robin 
 Kingfisher with Catch 
 Red Squirrel 
Marco Merello AFIAPAmore Reale 
 Batti Becchi 
 Tenerezza Riflessa 
Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPSA FBPECuckoo LandingFIAP Ribbon
Ian Mitchell MPAGB ARPS EFIAPWild Pine Marten Female with KitPSA Gold
 Stag in Morning Dew 
Jane Morris Abson LRPSMating Galapagos Tortoises 
Lynda Mudle-Small ARPSGreat White Egret 
David Neale AFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Mother Polar Bear Admonishing CubsMCPF Medal
 Polar Bear Cubs Crossing Iceflow 
Peter Norwood MPAGBFeedig Orangtip 3 
 Pearl Bordered Fritillary 
Annette O'Connell AWPFRed Squirrel Posing 
Norman O'Neill EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Goshawk with Pheasant 
 Grey Heron with Catch 
 Silver Studded Blues (2) 
Dawn Osborn FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE5*Meadow Pipit with larvae 
 Snowy Egret displaying 
 White Morph Reddish Egret canopy fishing 
 Redshank callingGPU Silver
Graham PearsGreat egret with perchFIAP Ribbon
 Raven at pheasant carcass 
Mary Pears DPAGBHares boxing 
 Male cuckoo flying in 
 Mountain hare on the move 
Mike Pockney FDPS BPE2*Cardinal Beetle (stack) 
 Mating Shieldbugs (Stack) 
 Shieldbug (Stack) 
Alfred Preuss EFIAP/sPlistospilota GuinensisMCPF Ribbon
 Phidippus Regius 
Audrey PriceWarthog FamilyMCPF Ribbon
 Hyena Running 
 The Pride Male 
Russell PriceRevved Up ElephantMCPF Medal
 Flying Hare 
Terry Railley EFIAP/p ARPS DPAGBArched 
 Just Caught 
George Reekie DPAGB ABPEBee-eater Pair 
 Hoopoe with Grub 
 Tacaze Sunbird Feeding 
Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB HonPAGBHyena Poised to Attack 
Mauro RossiGnu at sunset 
David Rowlands AFIAP FAPS PPSABear Dripping 
Tim Sawyer CPAGB EFIAPPeacock Tree Frog Trio 
John ScholeyMad March Hares 
Wolfgang Schweden EFIAP GMPSALecker Fisch 5 
Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Green Woodpecker 
Kim-Pheng Sim PPSAMating Two 
 Morning Breakfast 02 
Lesley Simpson ARPS EFIAP DPAGBMale Cleopatra Nectaring on LavenderPSA Bronze
 Black-veined Whites Mating in the RainMCPF Ribbon
Gillian Smith CPAGBShag Confrontation 
 The Guillemot & the Puffin 
Sukyoung SongZone Fight 1 
Gary SpicerTree Pipit V Great Tit 
Geraldine Stephenson ARPS DPAGBPine Grosbeak - Male 
Katia StroobantsWissenten 
Lee Eng Tan PPSABusy 1 
 Hunter in the Green 
 Meal 5 
 Twin Coils 4 
Anthony Roger ThomasRed Kite in Flight 
Austin Thomas MPAGB FBPE EFIAPLittle Owl Showing AgressionPSA Ribbon
 Green Sea TurtleFIAP Gold
 Leopard cub running up a tree 
Keith Thorburn EFIAP LRPS CPAGBMallard and Chicks 
 Squirrel on the Run 
John Thorndike LRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Cardinal Beetle 
Robert Gerald Tunstall DPAGB BPE4*Jay Calling in the Rain 
 Male Great Spotted Woodpecker and Juvenile 
Francois Van Der WattDrinking Duo 
Jhony Vandebroeck Herr E-Fiap/p MPSABek Vol Pluimen 
 Sprong in ´T Water 
Terry Wall MPAGB EFIAP/pRollers 
 Uninvited Guest 
Philippa Wheatcroft DPAGBWater Rail with Icy ReflectionPSA Ribbon
 Dipper with Catch 
 Ruffled Up Northern Goshawk 
 Sparrowhawk at Plucking Post 
Ian Whiston DPAGB EFIAP/s ABPEAlert Cheetah MotherGPU Ribbon
 Fishing Heron 
 Lion Cub Pouncing on Mums Tail 
 Hyena with Buffalo LegPAGB Silver
John Whitby MFIAP EFIAPp MPAGB BPE3Mating Lions 
Thomas Wiemer AFIAP PPSAClean 
David WolfendenCairngorm Reindeer 
David Woodhead AFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Avocet Feeding 
 Hunting Bittern 
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGBPond Heron 
Weixiang XuFight for Life 
Xingang XuAt the Foot of the Snowy Mountain 
Weijing Yangillusion 11 
 illusion 13 
Jun Ye PPSAiceland's Scenery 2 
 mother‘s Footstep 
Carole Zimmerman AFIAP CPAGB BPE1*Super Tiger Legged Monkey Tree Frog Reaching 

PDI CREATIVE Acceptances

Adit Agarwala EFIAP/s FRPSSeventh Heaven 
 Storm 1 
Wendy Anne Allard FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Climb to Stardom 
 Tinged with Blue 
Barry Badcock ARPSTree Sequence 04 
Phillip BarberThe WitcherPSA Bronze
 The Darkest HourMCPF Ribbon
 Jack the Ripper 
Eugene Barzakovsky AFIAPCross 
Cor Boers EFIAP eldafCrea-1 Vissen 
 Crea-2 Museum 
 Crea-3 Avond 
Judy Boyle EFIAP/gHoly GodPSA Ribbon
 Dolls and Pram 
 Girl Horse and Bird 
 Strawberries Wellies 
Andrew BuckleyMeditation 
 Plight of the White Rhino 
Harry Buenger EFIAPPeace of the World 
 The Dream of Birth 
Peter Clark AFIAPCPAGB CPAGBFalling on Deaf Ears 
Reginald Clark LRPS BPE2*Atlantis Nymph 
 Gazing Upon Infinity 
Clare Collins CPAGB LRPS CPAGBShard Sunset 
Audrey Couchman BPE1*Golden Birch 
Stuart Daffin LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Tears Behind the Mask 
 The Keeper 
 Victorian Peeler 
Rachel DomleoSkirting the Storm 
Cezary Dubiel EFIAP/p AV-AFIAP AFRPArchitects Dream1 
 Feeding Origami Birds 
Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE DPAGB/avHedgerow 
 Orchid Flowers 
Leonid Goldin EFIAPOur Communion with Nature 
Jacqui Jay Grafton EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*The Beast Within 
 The Match Girl 
Jean Jacques Grethen AFIAP EFIAPEasy Rider 2069 
Inese GrizaneRed Clover 
John HaddonSailing IIIFIAP Ribbon
Franz Hammer EFIAP/s EM.IIWFHotelhalle 
Jacqueline Hammer EFIAP/d2 APSEM GPUCr2The Experiment 
 Towards the Eye 
Lynda Haney DPAGB BPE3*Page Three 
 Young Giraffes Playing 
 Stand OffPSA Silver
 The ChaseGPU Silver
Lorraine Hardy AFIAP BPE3* CPAGBLeaving 
 Winter is Coming 
Colin Harrison EFIAP/d3 MPSA GPSA FRPSJudge bait 
 Marching to War 
Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p BPE5* MPAGBThe Fifth HorsemanPSA Ribbon
 Don't Feed the Birds or Else 
Alexander Hochhaus AFIAPVulcan Girl 
Bill Hodges NorthshoreOnes End Place 
 Secret Agent 
Julie Holbeche-Maund LRPSBlue 
David Hopes CPAGBGraveyard Run 
Martin HortonWildest Dreams 
Dean Irvine LIPF BPE1*Atlantean queenUPI Ribbon
 A turn for the nurse 
Dinah Jayes ARPS EFIAP MPAGBEn Pointe 2 
Jo Knight DPAGB AFIAP QPSAPink FlamingoPSA Gold
 On The ShelfPAGB Ribbon
Achim Koepf EFIAPd3Sakala 69 
Tiina Lahteenmaki EFIAPFatal Landing 
Kristanto Lie PPSATwin Betta Fishes 
Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/d33 Eenden 
 Creavrouwtje Achter Raam 
Aage MadsenDid He Really See Her 
 They Reached Out She Did Not Notice Colour 
Gus MartinezSpring Afternoon 
 The Fled Tree 
Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB FBPEPurple RainMCPF Medal
 White FeatherMCPF Ribbon
 The Useless Scarecrow 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2*Celestial Dancers 
 Pierrot in the Moonlight 
Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/d3 MPAGB APAGBSurvivorUPI Ribbon
Ann Miles FRPS MPAGB FBPE EFIAPStowe Gardens 
Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPSA FBPEThe King Returns 
Vicki Moritz EFIAP/p MPSA APSEM APPFlinders St. 
Lynne Morris MPAGB ABPE AFIAP AWPFLife on the LineFIAP Ribbon
 The Owl and the Pussy Cat 
Lynda Mudle-Small ARPSTwo Does 
Eileen Murray DPAGB ABPE EFIAP/sSplit PersonalityFIAP Silver
Vladimir Myagkov AFIAPElementals III 
 Impress IPAGB Gold
Christine PhilippeLe Miroir 
 The Crow 
Robert Prenton Jones EFIAP/g BPE4*ArachnophobiaPAGB Ribbon
 The Pendle Witches 
 Things That Go Bump 
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS EFIAP/g BPE5*Night HunterMCPF Medal
 Fly Free 
 Morning Walk 
 The Olive BranchPAGB Silver
Darren Pullman AFIAP CPAGB BPE1*Unreal 
Malcolm Rapier ARPS BPE4* EFIAP/sGrim Reaper 
George Reekie DPAGB ABPEChasing Peter Pan 
Sue Riach ARPS APSNZHow God Makes It Rain 
Pauline Rumsey AFIAPRGB Cocktails 
Keith Sawyer ARPSCPAGBTime Travel 
Wolfgang Schweden EFIAP GMPSAGothic Ballerina 5 
Kathryn J Scorah MPAGB FBPEAutumn Prelude 
 The Creek 
Norbert Senser EFIAPThe Raven 
Kim-Pheng Sim PPSAChange FacePSA Ribbon
 Who are You 
Pia SimonenIllusion 
 Light is Mine 
Michelle Stokie EFIAP/bViola No 2 
Michael Strapec AFIAPTerre MorteMCPF Medal
 Never Lose Your HopeFIAP Gold
 Blind Hope 
 Follow Your Leader 
Lee Sutton LRPS DPAGB BPE4* PPSATempestFIAP Ribbon
 Flying Through Time 
 Uk Bankers 
John Thorndike LRPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Esther and the Boys 
Christine Tidman EFIAP CPAGB AWPFThe Young Time Travellers 
Jonathan Vaines AFIAP CPAGB LRPSCromer Impressions 
Sue Vaines LRPS CPAGB AFIAPClematis armandii 
 Sea Splash 
 The Passage of Time 
John Whitby MFIAP EFIAPp MPAGB BPE3Easy Rider 
 Happy Daze 
Thomas Wiemer AFIAP PPSALost Indians 
Shun Zhangmelt