Peter Adams FIPF DPAGB BPE5* AFIAPEdwardian Girl 
David Adamson EFIAP/p BPE4*Sea Horses 3 
Nuwair AlhajeriAfter Breakfast Break 
Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB BPE5 EFIAP-G3 Conversations 
 The Night Bus 
 The Peanut Roaster 
Peter Baker LRPS DPAGB BPE1*Hold That PoseFIAP Gold Medal
 Glowing in Gold 
 Golden Fashion 
 Warrior Queen 
Ian BarstowPosion Ivy 1 
 Ready for the Start 
 Steeple Jump 
Andrew BaxterForget Me Not 
Werner W. Becker EFIAPEmpor 
Robert Leonard Bentley LRPS CPAGBChasing the Lead 
 Four-wheeled Leader 
Simon Beynon BPE2* CPAGBCornering 
 Match Point Murrayjpg 
 Triple Heart Bypass 
Saurabh Bhattacharyya ARPS EFIAP/d1 EPSAVeer 01 
Gerhard Boehm EFIAP GMPSA MDVFSprint 2016 
Angela Bonner AFIAP PPSA BPE1*On Fire 
 Smoke Alien 
Dave Bowen MPAGB EFIAP FBPEThe Long Trudge HomeFIAP Ribbon
 A Difference of Opinion 
Alan BoydEliassen Rorbuer 
 Wedge Pond Reflection 
 Useless Loop AerialFIAP Silver Medal
Cyril Boyd EFIAP/g MPSA DPAGB BPE4*Goal Strike 
Colin Bradshaw MPAGB ABPE EFIAP EPSABattle Scarred Stag in the Rain 
 Ford Wells Tripple Jump 
 Natasha in Turban 
 Three Hares in the Snow 
Raymond Brammall ARPS EFIAP/g APAGB DPAGBThe Whisky DrinkerMCPF Ribbons
 Determined to Win 
 Extended Backhand 
 Point of Release 
Richard Broomfield LRPS EFIAPAfter Friday prayers 
 Pre flight briefing 
Carole Brown LRPS AFIAPSixth Avenue 
Robert Buchan CPAGB BPE1*Ice Cream Girl 
Gunter BueschingErste Gaeste 
Catherine Bushe EFIAP/d2 LIPFBeach Study 
David Butler MFIAP MPSA2 BPE5*Demon Drink 
Simon Caplan LRPSUnfurlingPSA Ribbon
Jesse Cason AFIAPFoxy Fox 
Stuart Chapman ARPS CPAGB BPE1*Close Corner 
Sherman Cheang EFIAP/g GM.APS M.CPE IIG/s2Children Like Raining 
 May God Bless 
Shihao ChenA Corner of Summer 
Christakis Christou AFIAPLight Carpet 
John Clare ARPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2Blue Swallow 
Graham Clegg LRPS DPAGB BPE3* AFIAPButterfly Ballet 
 Eye Contact 
 Lady in Red 
Trevor Clifford ARPS BPE2*Boat Yard 
Phil Cole LRPS CPAGBFocussed on Going ClearPSA Ribbon
 Airborne in Kimbolton Castle 
Malcolm CookSummer Rains 
 The Wauling 
Stephanie Cook EFIAP/s DPAGB APAGBIts Mine 
Robin Couchman LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Evening Light at Hamnoy 
 Heading for a Fall 
Sandie Cox ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBCaught a Good Wave 
Roger Creber ARPS EFIAP DPAGBBluebell Forest 
Derek Crunkhorn LRPS CPAGB BPE3*FocusedPAGB Ribbon
 Climb High Above the Clouds 
 Mission Complete 
Kirsty Cussens CPAGB BPE1*A Man and His Shires 
 I See You 
 Lurcher Coursing 
Brian Davis APAGB CPAGB MPSAHebredean Croft Fire 
 Indian Lagoon Fisherman 
Shirley Davis CPAGB EPSAMaking Notes 
Jozef De FraineOntsnaptMCPF Ribbons
 Paring Dambordvliegen 
Luigi De Rosa AFIAPTuffo in Meta 
Alison Dean LRPS BPE3*Portholes 
Johann Debono EFIAP QPSALeft Out 
Mainak Dey AFIAP PPSACaged 
 Chilly Boy 
 Village School in India 
Angelo Di Tommaso MFIAP EFIAP/pMegane 15-24 
Monica Doshi DPAGB BPE3* EFIAPShirt Pull 
Gordon Doughty AFIAP BPE2*Highland Cow Looks Out 
Paul DuckhouseThe Power of the Sea 
Gavin Duxbury CPAGB BPE4*Everything Stops for Tea 
 It is Only a Matter of Time 
Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE DPAGB/avEllie Beth 
Tracy Edwards BPE1*Darcy Louise 
 Medusa Stare 
David Elder LRPS CPAGB AFIAPA Hard Life 
 Burning Incense 
Peter Elliston EFIAP BPE3* DPAGBDoing Nothing MuchPSA Ribbon
Ian English EFIAP/d1 MPSA2 APSEM/bCuban Chica 
Esther Epstein EFIAP/s AIPASGoose 
 Playful Dog 
Chris Evans AWPF BPE3Game of Thrones 
 Liverpool Metropolitan 
 The Hermit 
Jacqueline Evans BPE2*The SiblingsGPU Ribbon
 Ballet Trio 
 Love in a Mist - Nigela 
 The Gundog_ 
Ilan FaigenbaumA Moment on the Street 1 
Kevin FaulknerA Meeting in the Cloisters 
 Leap on the Bar 
 Talking over the Wall 
Yonghua FengFiery Red 
Steve Field LRPS AWPF AIPF EFIAPNew Shades 
Mary Gillian Fish DPAGB BPE3*The Viking 
Russell FowlerScrolls 
Franco Fratini EFIAP/d2Wheelchair Basket 1 
 Wheelchair Basket 2 
Patricia Frewin LRPS DPAGB BPE5*Pastel Aqua 
 Splashes of Pink 
Andreas FriedmannHaus An der Kreuzung 
Gary FyfeSleuth 
John GaffneyEyes on the Road 
Thekla Gavriel AFIAPShadow 
Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d3At Home with Amelia 
 Destitute Mother and Family 
 Time for Action.jpeg 
Kerrie Gerlach AFIAPHopetoun Church 
 No Flowers 
Tim Gilbert ARPS DPAGB MPSA500CC No 32 
Michel Gilliot MFIAP EFIAP/d2Two Ladies in Ostende 
Sandy Gilmour DPAGB BPE2* ASINWPCalamity at the Carnival 
 Mitchell Lane 
 No Fear 
Aleks Gjika DPAGB EFIAPGot the Ball 
Raghnall Glasgow LIPFWolves 
Ulrich GoertzAfterbrexitXXclosedGatesXXltdView 
Karen GoodyContemplating 
 Music Man 
 Race to the Pasture 
 The Battle 
 Three on the Run 
Klas Gustafsson EFIAPTree 
Sharatchandra H CMove Away 
 Rosy Pastor with Berry 
 Sparring Juvinile Blackbuck 
Willem Halbach EFIAP/gBetween Cocrete 26 
 Blue Building 
Jay Hallsworth DPAGB EFIAP EPSAA Portrait of a HorseFIAP Ribbon
 Waterloo Soldier 
Franz Hammer EFIAP/d2Alnes Fyr 
Jan Hammerstad EFIAP PPSAAbove and Beyond 2-2 
 Isi 3-2 
Helen Hanafin EFIAP/p FIPFMarch One Two Three 
 Omani Man 
 Veins of Life 
Philip Hardy LAPSSahara Breakdown 
 Watering the Herd 
Bruce Harley EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE4*Idyllic Island 
 Torrent of Lost Souls 
 Three PoppiesPAGB Silver Medal
Victoria Harrison LRPSWoman Behind the Mask 
Paul Hayward LRPS DPAGB AFIAPCome into my Parlour 
 Spiritual Healing Copy 
Annelie Henn EFIAP/bEtude 
Andrew Hersom EFIAP EPSATightly Bunched 
Tracey HodgesFrederika 
 Purple Blossoms 
Julie Holbeche-Maund ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Strawberries 
John Holt ARPS DPAGB BPE5*At Home at Last 
 Me and My Cart 
Martin HortonI Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty 
 Papillon Returns 
 Still Life With Blossom 
Alistair How LRPSDancing Houses 
Bob Humphreys EFIAP DPAGB BPE2*In the Tube 
Wendy Irwin CPAGB ARPS AFIAPDried Daffodil ShapesMCPF Ribbons
 Can We Go to the Moon 
 Fairytales Can Come True 
 Telling It to the Daisies 
Martin Janes BPE5*About to Return 
 Cariad 2 
Barbara Jenkin EFIAP/d3 GMPSA/g BPE4* ARPSSinister Fingers 
 Violetta Skylark 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/d3 DPAGB BPE3*Er on a PlinthPSA Ribbon
 Er Circle Bodies 
 Fingers and Eye 
Barbara Jones LRPSLeucojum 
 The Organist 
Gill Jones BPE3*Portrait of Dougie 
 Welsh Mountain Ponies in Wales 
Christian Kieffer GMPSACarmen 24 
Francis King EFIAP/p GMPSA/pTake My Hand 
 Under the Great Wall 
Shelley Knight LRPSAfter the Storm 
 Storm over Breakwater 
Jeongsoo Ko EFIAP/b PPSA GPUCR2Ranking Competition 01 
Jianhua KuaiBattleSue O'Connell Medal
 Food Fight 
 Luna Celebration 
 Stubborn Bull 
Peter LawranceIn the SpotlightPAGB Ribbon
 Beach Huts 
 Lonely Cyclist 
Steve Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB BPE5*Shrouded 
Jane Lee EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Luskentyre Dusk 
Tze Yuen LeeCock Game 
Sue Lenton CPAGBDreaming of a different life 
Im Kai Leong EFIAP/b EPSAChit-chatFIAP Ribbon
 Fishing 31 
 Intense Rugby 13 
 Ukraine Beauty 10 
Min Liclassroom 
Barbie Lindsay FBPE MPAGB EFIAP/s AWPFFly Away Hair 
Jane Lines MPAGBBone Collector 
 Vintage Ballroom 
Guolin LiuA Roland for an Oliver 
Xuzhong LiuBlack Pottery Firing 1 
 Shadow Play 
Helen Kay LloydBallerina 
 View Over Birmingham at Night 
Margaret LothianPlough 
Gary Loughran EFIAP/b LIPFColourful Staircase 
Debbie LoweUnderwater Beauty 
Gang LuShadow Play in the Mountains 6 
Roger LushThe Enginemen 
Jiwei MaCarpet Style Sprinkler Irrigation 
 Continuous Emission 
Judith Carole Macbeth CPAGB BPE2* AFIAPAttention to Detail 
 Inhaling Opium 
Helen Mackay LRPS AFIAP CPAGBHoney I Shrunk Myself 
 The Tears of a Clown 
Dee Maddams LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Sea Nettle 
Stan Maddams LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Jay taking Flight 
 Over the Top 
Stephen Mallender BPE1*Close Encounter 
Phil Mallin LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Load Bearers 
 Red Lips 
Jayne E Mapp BPE3* LSWPPThe BrotherhoodRalph Duckett Medal
 And They're Off 
 The Scramble 
Gillian MarshSt. Andrews Bay South Georgia 
Peter McCloskey FRPSThe Schoolroom Myanmar 
Brian McClure DPAGB EFIAP AIPF BPE5*Called to the Bar 
 Over the Top 
Kenny McLean CPAGB BPE2* AFIAP GPUCR-2Copper Drops 
 Round the Bend 
Alex McNaughton CPAGBDevine Lady 
 Glasgow Science Centre 
 Passing Through 
 Spring Sunrise 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP/s EPAGB ABPEThe Moon's a BalloonFIAP Ribbon
 Alone with Her Thoughts 
 Dawn Gallop 
 Green and Gold 
John McVie EFIAP DPAGB APAGBGreek Goddess 
 Spirit of Ecstasy 
 The Stare 
Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/d3 MPAGBBlaidd Returns 
 Dream of Copernicus 
Sinai Menachem EFIAP PPSAJaffa 84 
 Lena 106 
Vicki Moritz EFIAP/d3 GMPSA/s SPSA APSEM/gEmbleton Bay Castle View 
Annemieke Moss BPE2*Life Time Friends 
Marco Giovanni MottaFrecce Tricolori 
Mohammed Muhtasib AFIAP PPSADhaka Rice Industry 14 
 Kuril Slum Area in Dhaka 10 
 The Photographer 
 Watch ManPSA Silver Medal
Michal NegaVintage_1 
Andrew NewmanApache Night Sortie 
 On the Ragged Edge 
Thanh Huong NgoBaby of the Van Kieu Ethnic Group 
 Ethnic Baby La Ha 
Khac Hao NguyenLe Hoi Mua Xuan 
 Luoi Vay 
 Qua Vung Co Non 
Ann Nissen ARPSDream of the StarsMCPF Ribbons
 Easy Come Easy Go 
Josef Obertscheider EFIAPGrace Panther 
Hugh O'Connor EFIAP LIPFTre Cime De LaveredoPAGB Ribbon
 Manarola Dusk 
Derwood Pamphilon ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBBallerina on Derelict Stairs 
 The Lady Loves Pomegranates 
Suzanne Parsons LRPSStar Trails over St. Aldhelms Chapel 
Elizabeth Passuello APSA EPSA EFIAPBroadside in the Breakers 
 Grounding of the Kutere 
Ian Patterson EFIAP FAPSHoly Man 
Sitanath Paul EFIAPDuality 
 Megha 3 
 Morning Walk 
 Red and Black 2 
Kwan Phillip FRPS EFIAP/P GMPSA/PGymnastics 84 
 Nonnie 23 
 Overcrowded Train 
John Phillips BPE4*The Inside StoryRobert Millin Medal
 Gold and Rust 
 Sunnies and Rust 
 West Entrance 
Tim Pile MPAGB MFIAP EFIAP/p FIPFDesert Landscape 
 Empty House 
Philippe PoiretChasselas grape 
Andy Polakowski DPAGB EFIAP/d1 GPU-Cr3 GPU-VIP2Master Baker 
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS MFIAP MPAGB FBPEReflectingGPU Ribbon
 Devil Woman 
 Whisky Connoisseur 
Steve Proctor DPAGB BPE5* PPSACuckoo Art 
 Ballet PupeteerGPU Gold Medal
Robert Quig EFIAP DPAGBAutumn Spotlight 
 Highland Winter 
George Reekie DPAGB FBPEDirty Racing 
 Eyes on You 
 Oh Heck 
Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB HonPAGBPumping Water Panna NP 
Leanne RobsonBallerina at Rest 
 Doby is FreeGPU Silver Medal
Pietro Rocchiccioli DPAGB EFIAP/bThe Almacen Trio 
Christopher Rogers CPAGBConcentration 
 Number 12 
 The Final Push 
Jeremy Roussak ARPSHappy Seal 
 Sanctus Berg 
Jane Rowbottom BPE3*Waiting 
 Yvonne of the Resistance 
Kalle Salonen EFIAP/pBlack Bottles 
Malcolm SargentFrozen Shape 
Claire Schreuder EFIAP BPE2*Long Jump Athlete with Odd Socks 
 Over the Final Hurdle 
Bob Scott LPSNZTasman River Entering Lake Pukaki 
John Scotten ARPS DPAGB BPE4*Assured 
 At Ease 
 Surplus to Requirements 
Andrew SeniorMiss Holly Flamer En Repose 
 The Escapologist 
Ketan Shah DPAGB BPE5Ollie SleightholmePSA Gold Medal
 The Jalebiwala 
 The Triple Jump 
 Up and over 
Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPSAbandoned Love 
 Just Holding on 
 Mob Dynasty 
 Brothers to the RevolutionPAGB Gold Medal
Kim Pheng Sim MPSAAlina Rassolome 
 New Hope 
Ann Smallegange EFIAP/g EPSACommon Bluetail Twosome 
Pete Smith EFIAP/b BPE5* DPAGBThe Corn Checker 
 The Laughing Witch of Whitby Abbey 
Valentina Sokolskaya EFIAP GMPSAKestrel with Mouse 8372 
Gillian Steyn EFIAP EPSA BPE5* DPAGBThe ApothecaryGPU Ribbon
Peter StoneThe King's Scrutiny 
Paul Sutton BPE3*Mothers DayGPU Ribbon
Jui-Ching TaiYacht Quickly Passes the Pier 
Le Huu ThietHong tau hu ky 
 My nghe xuat khau 
 Phu nu mien bien 
Mike Troth BPE3*Sailor JerryMCPF Ribbons
 At Home with Victoria 
Dave Tucker EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*The Summoning 
Seppo Tuomaala EFIAPBlue World 
 Walrus Community 
Sue Vernon DPAGB BPE3*Concentration 
 Final Furlong Dash 
 Good Companions 
 In Hot Pursuit 
Nadezhda VorobevaHair 
Paul Wagstaff LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AFIAPThe Joker. 
 Think Ahead 
Claire WalkerStormy 
Michelle Walker BPE2*Country Girl 
 Pretty in Pink 
 Three Moments of Elegance 
Richard Walliker LRPSAt Rest 
Kevin Walsh ARPSTake Eid 
Anna Warrington LRPS ARPS DPAGB BPE4Fred and Mabel 
 Shell Study 
Carol Watson AFIAP DPAGB PPSALooking Towards the LightMCPF Ribbons
 On a Winters Day 
Gordon Watson DPAGB ABPE PPSA AFIAPAn Educated ManPAGB Ribbon
 Pink and Purple Pirouette 
 The Artist 
Carole WetherleyDisillusioned Soldier 
 Pocketwatch Explosion 
David Wheeler FRPS DPAGB EFIAP/d3 MFIAP92000 on Empties 
 Vantage Point 
Tracey WhiteWinter Tales 1200 High 
Yuet Yee WongPlay a Drum. 
 Strive for the First Place 
Jane Woodcock EFIAP/bAustralian Coastal Patterns 
 Saltpan WA 
Mike Woods CPAGB BPE1Alone in the City 
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AWPFIncense 
 Inle Lake Fishermen 
Peter Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE2* AWPFThe Readers 
Anjun XieMoment of Rebirth 
 Painter 2 
Danlei Ye GMPSA/P GPSA EFIAP/SSwazi Maidens58 
 The Jewish Community5 
 Tujia Ethnic Sedan 
Peter Yendell LRPSGoing Horizontal 
Fei YuOutside the Window 
Zhitang ZhongBack from Grazing 
Jinpeng ZhuNight View in Seda 
 Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village 
Zhaofu ZhuDancing Charm 
 Dangqu Double Bamboo Pole Dance 


Terri Adcock EFIAP/g DPAGB EPSACommuterville 
Nuwair AlhajeriBetween Iron Houses 
Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB BPE5 EFIAP-GConfrontation 
Bryan AverillHappiness Is... 
Peter Baker LRPS DPAGB BPE1*Timeless Style 
Ian BarstowSpecial Day Fun 
Andrew BaxterMMM a Whelk 
 On the Lip 
 The Night Roost 
Stephen BexonThe Vampire Hunter 
 Tunnel to the Northern Line 
 V&a Roof Reflection 
Simon Beynon BPE2* CPAGBGathering SteamFIAP Ribbon
 Take Off 
 Take That 
Saurabh Bhattacharyya ARPS EFIAP/d1 EPSAEnjoying Summer 10PAGB Ribbon
 Kolkata Photowalk 32 
 Little Girl 11 
Gerhard Boehm EFIAP GMPSA MDVFPatrick 
Cyril Boyd EFIAP/g MPSA DPAGB BPE4*Out of My Way 
Colin Bradshaw MPAGB ABPE EFIAP EPSADerbyshire in the Lead 
 J Hulland Tripple Jump 
 Molly Caudery Breaks National Record 
Raymond Brammall ARPS EFIAP/g APAGB DPAGBMaria at HomeIan Whiston Medal
 The Scream 
Richard Broomfield LRPS EFIAPHome again 
Richard Burn LRPS CPAGBWords Have Wings 
Catherine Bushe EFIAP/d2 LIPFStorm 
David Butler MFIAP MPSA2 BPE5*My Gang 
 Time to Reflect 
Stuart Chapman ARPS CPAGB BPE1*End of a Hard Game 
 In a Clinch 
 Sidecar Aztion 
Sherman Cheang EFIAP/g GM.APS M.CPE IIG/s2Collect Our Noodles 
 Dancing Girl 2 
 Three Happy ChildFIAP Silver Medal
Bob Chiu GMPSA/P GPSA EFIAP/GStudy Time03GPU Ribbon
 Innocence 4 
Fung Sum Jex ChuiDragon Ball 
 Water Circles 
John Clare ARPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2Ancient and Modern 
Graham Clegg LRPS DPAGB BPE3* AFIAPElle 
 Tulip Staircase Greenwich 
Jutta CloughSing Your Heart Out 
Phil Cole LRPS CPAGBEchos of the Few 
Stephanie Cook EFIAP/s DPAGB APAGBTop Form 
Trevor CotterillOf Two Minds - Impartial 
Robin Couchman LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Towards the Palazzo Dario 
Sandie Cox ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBSparringMCPF Ribbons
 Guardien in the Camargue 
Kirsty Cussens CPAGB BPE1*Greyhound RacingGPU Ribbon
 Returning for the Carriages 
Sharmali DasLaughing Grandmaaa 0799 
Shirley Davis CPAGB EPSAJet Black 
Jozef De FraineDambordjes in Tegenlicht 
 Jeugdig Team 
 SlovakiaPAGB Silver Medal
Luigi De Rosa AFIAPCaballero 
 Dervisci Rotanti 
 Surfare in BN 
Johann Debono EFIAP QPSAFeeling the Jazz 
Rachel Domleo EFIAP CPAGBA Modern Approach 
Monica Doshi DPAGB BPE3* EFIAPGujarati Street Vendor 
Gordon Doughty AFIAP BPE2*After His Last Lecture 
Paul Duckhouse1-stormy Sea 
Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE DPAGB/avIn the Bottle and Glass 
 The Eyes Have It ! 
Tracy Edwards BPE1*BW Cat 
David Elder LRPS CPAGB AFIAPChanging Lives 
 Hoi An Lady 
 Working in the Smokehouse 
Esther Epstein EFIAP/s AIPASFeeling the Music 1 
 Window Light 
Chris Evans AWPF BPE3A Museum Piece 
 The Tusk 
Jacqueline Evans BPE2*Vestrahorn, Iceland 
Mary Gillian Fish DPAGB BPE3*Heron with an Itch 
Russell FowlerRocktape 
Franco Fratini EFIAP/d2Etiopia 10 
 Evening Relax 
 Misty Mountains 
Andreas FriedmannBallettakt 5 
 Winterballonfahrt Kössen 1 
Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d3Missing 
Tim Gilbert ARPS DPAGB MPSANo25 on the Slide 
Michel Gilliot MFIAP EFIAP/d2Forgeron Indien 1 
Raghnall Glasgow LIPFThe Harp 
Karen GoodyFishermans Portrait 
Klas Gustafsson EFIAPMeeting in RomaniaMCPF Ribbons
Lorraine Gwilliam AWPFSerious Lady 
Willem Halbach EFIAP/gAlleen 
 Walk to Heaven 
Jay Hallsworth DPAGB EFIAP EPSALooking Up in the Shard Quater 
 The Shard from the Tower 
Jan Hammerstad EFIAP PPSAWhite Lady 2 
Helen Hanafin EFIAP/p FIPFNow Listen Here 
Richard Harding EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*The Night Watchman 
Bruce Harley EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE4*Brief Encounter 
Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAPNeist Point Lighthouse 
Annelie Henn EFIAP/bJumping Spider 
Andrew Hersom EFIAP EPSAShadows Four 
Paul Hilbert AFIAPBike Race 39581MCPF Ribbons
Julie Holbeche-Maund ARPS CPAGB BPE3*The Chimney Sweep 
 Under Cover 
John Holt ARPS DPAGB BPE5*Christmas Eve 
Martin HortonPositano 
 The Morning Comute, Kashmiri Style 
Alistair How LRPSFour Ways of Waiting 
Geoffrey Hui EFIAP MAPSCrackdown in Nairobi 
 Mother Protecting Her Foal 
 Three Kings 
Paul Jackson AFIAP EFIAPHello Sailor 
Martin Janes BPE5*Day Dreaming 
 The Fisherman 
 Victorian Engineer 
Barbara Jenkin EFIAP/d3 GMPSA/g BPE4* ARPSAcilla 
Vicki Johnson AFIAPThree Way Battle 
Fraser Johnstone AFIAPHoney I've Shrunk the Kid 
Gill Jones BPE3*Old FriendsPSA Ribbon
 Portrait of Ellie 
Christian Kieffer GMPSALB Rehearsal 4 
Francis King EFIAP/p GMPSA/pMusic Hall on Fire 
Robert Kolbrich AFIAP PPSA EÖVF/gdrei Fenster 
 Portrait 21 
Tom Kredo PPSARugby Speed DemonMCPF Ribbons
 Facing the Unknown 
Craig Lauder AFIAPSienna Hands 
Luan Le AFIAP PPSAThousand Years Old Tree 
Tze Yuen LeeBubble FunPSA Ribbon
 So Steep 
Julie LehmanThe Bank Manager 
Sue Lenton CPAGBI'll Catch You If You FallFIAP Ribbon
 Under The Ruk 
Nick Leonard BPE1*Bowling Green Alley 
 Monsters of the Quay 
 Vestrahorn Morning Clouds 
Im Kai Leong EFIAP/b EPSABreakout 3MCPF Ribbons
 Black Woman 3 
 Off-road Motorcycle 2 
 Warm Time 10 
Hong LiSound of Loulan 
Min Libelievers in the Rock Church5Peter Brisley Medal
Barbie Lindsay FBPE MPAGB EFIAP/s AWPFMorning Ritual 
Jane Lines MPAGBHarmonyFIAP Ribbon
 Avo on the Doorstep 
 Lost Memories 
Xuzhong LiuOld Teahouse in Pengzhen 2 
 Pastoral in Ancient City 
David Lyon EFIAP/p BPE5* DPAGBA White Knuckle Ride 
 The Lifeboat Bridge 
Judith Carole Macbeth CPAGB BPE2* AFIAPThe Sheep Shearer 
 Washday Blues 
Helen Mackay LRPS AFIAP CPAGBBaker Street Station 
Stephen Mallender BPE1*Banter 
 Steam Engine Driver 
 The Celist 
Phil Mallin LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Heavyweight 
Jayne E Mapp BPE3* LSWPPWatching Ewe 
Gillian MarshBig Eye Reflection 
 Thresher Shark 2 
Brian McClure DPAGB EFIAP AIPF BPE5*Final Lap 
 In Contemplation 
Kenny McLean CPAGB BPE2* AFIAP GPUCR-2Louvre Abstract 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP/s EPAGB ABPENatural Beauty 2 
 The Curse of the Phantom 
John McVie EFIAP DPAGB APAGBDistant Dreams of Childhood 
 Looking Back 
Robin Mellor CPAGB ARPSLight and Dark 
Sinai Menachem EFIAP PPSANelly 108 
Paul MoranMr Peeps 
Annemieke Moss BPE2*Bridge Detail 
Chris Mowatt LRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE5*About to Pass 
Mohammed Muhtasib AFIAP PPSAAn Innocent View 2PSA Gold Medal
 Aluminum Factory in Dhaka 5 
 Bedouin Life in Tabuk 4 
 The Light of the Quran 
Kirill MuniabinDiana's Eyes 
 Innocent Smile 
 Two Eyes 2 
Andrew NewmanConcentration 
 Muddy Brothers 
Thanh Huong NgoEstremely Painful 
 Same Direction 
 ColdGPU Silver Medal
Khac Hao NguyenVe DichPSA Ribbon
 Chien Thang 
 Mua Thay La 
Ann Nissen ARPSCant Be Done Right Now 
Gordon NorrisFemale Form - Study in Mono 
Josef Obertscheider EFIAPDuo 
Hong OuThe Steel Wall 
Derwood Pamphilon ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBAction Man 
 Mischkah 7 
Victoria Elizabeth ParkesVintage Voice 
Steven Parrish BPE1*Harry 
 The Milk Men 
Sitanath Paul EFIAPBaha 
 Runai 2 
Kwan Phillip FRPS EFIAP/P GMPSA/PHorses in Water 94 
 Joan 9 
 Risky Ride 
John Phillips BPE4*An Argument in a Lift 
 Going Underground 
 Please Let Me in 
Philippe PoiretPitcher of wine and grapes 
Andy Polakowski DPAGB EFIAP/d1 GPU-Cr3 GPU-VIP2Barber Shop Quartet 
 Sad Face 
 Urban Staircase 
Sharon Prenton Jones ARPS MFIAP MPAGB FBPEThe Gentleman CallerPAGB Ribbon
Hazel Price BPE1* PSA3*Godrevy Lighthouse 
Steve Proctor DPAGB BPE5* PPSACorn Exchange, Leeds 
 The Cleric 
Antonio Duilio Puosi AFIAPClowns 
George Reekie DPAGB FBPENo You Don't 
Farzad ReshadAfter Work 
 Hold My Hand 
Pietro Rocchiccioli DPAGB EFIAP/bLe Gitan 
Jeremy Roussak ARPSGazing 
 Gondola Prow 
Stephanie Ryan LIPFRainy Night in the City 
 Winter Sunrise at Irish Beach 
Claire Schreuder EFIAP BPE2*Great Stretch 
 Pole Vaulter 
Bob Scott LPSNZSculptors Hands 
John Scotten ARPS DPAGB BPE4*Finely Balanced 
Andrew SeniorGeometry 
Ketan Shah DPAGB BPE5Catch Me If You CanFIAP Gold Medal
 Over the Bar 
 Over the Line 
 The Long Jump 
Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPSAlways Together 
 Chicken Yard 
 I Hear His Voice 
 Sharlot and Daugher 
Kim Pheng Sim MPSAColette Talented Dancer 
 Furniture Worker 03 
 Shree Old Age 
Ann Smallegange EFIAP/g EPSAKeeping Up With The Leader 
Tarmo SotikovBordering on InsanityMCPF Ribbons
Ruth SpencerWeddell Seal. 
Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/p ESFIAPMister MoustacheGPU Ribbon
 In My Shed 
 The Gentlemans Outfitter 
Lee StreetonThought in Life 
Paul Sutton BPE3*Eye to Eye 
Le Huu ThietDon nang 
 Ve mat 
Mike Troth BPE3*Going for It 
 How to Escape This Life 
Dave Tucker EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*All on One 
 The Collar 
Seppo Tuomaala EFIAPLonely Man 
Dave Turner AFIAP CPAGB BPE4*Down to Platform Eight 
Neville James Martin Turton AFIAPCollecting Firewood 
 Happy Memories 
 Portrait of a Mongolian Woman 
Nadezhda VorobevaFamily 
Paul Wagstaff LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AFIAPYes It's You I'm Looking at 
Michelle Walker BPE2*Raven 
Anna Warrington LRPS ARPS DPAGB BPE4Gentle Giant 
Carol Watson AFIAP DPAGB PPSATaking to the Floor 
 The Magic Compass 
Gordon Watson DPAGB ABPE PPSA AFIAPDown the Tube Station 
David Wheeler FRPS DPAGB EFIAP/d3 MFIAPBelow the Falls 
 Engine Talk 
 Late for Work 
 Underground Reflections 
Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP ABPE APAGBMe and My Younger Self Kerala 
 Meeting the Squash (Tate) 
David Wilson LRPSAfrican Buffalo at Waterhole 
 Rhinos under MoonlightPSA Silver Medal
Yuet Yee WongA Tribe Woman 
 Little Waiter 
Mike Woods CPAGB BPE1Dancing Queen 
Keith Worthington DPAGBSquabbling ZebraPAGB Gold Medal
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AWPFFull Throttle 
 The Man in the Adidas Hat 
Peter Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE2* AWPFLaundryman 
Anjun XieFisherman's Song 
Bang Hwan Yang AFIAPBusy Daily Life 
Danlei Ye GMPSA/P GPSA EFIAP/SGrowing Up in Tribe23 
 Reed Dance Ceremony63 
 Temppeliaukion Church11 
Wei Ye GMPSA GMIFIA GMABRPMangyuan Snow Village 
 Regression in DustGPU Gold Medal
Peter Yendell LRPSEnigmatic Boy 
 Wildebest Migration 
Jinli ZhaoContemplate 
 Left-behind Elders in Tharu 
 Let It Be 
Li ZhaoThe Great Mosque of Sheik ZaidRalph Snook Medal
 Doing Homework 
Jiafeng ZhengCharm 
Wujiang ZhuTen Thousand Steeds Gallop 

PDI NATURE Acceptances

David Adamson EFIAP/p BPE4*Golden Bootleg Fungus 
Terri Adcock EFIAP/g DPAGB EPSADemanding YoungstersPAGB Silver Medal
Andrew BaileyFemale Wolf Spider with Egg Sac 
Andrew BaxterFeed Me Feed Me 
 Food for Two 
Simon Beynon BPE2* CPAGBIn Flight Meal 
 On the Right Path 
 Wasps Watering 
Saurabh Bhattacharyya ARPS EFIAP/d1 EPSABanor Family 1 
 Spider in Action 
 Spider in Action 2 
Dave Bowen MPAGB EFIAP FBPECormorant with Nesting MaterialMCPF Ribbons
 Grass Snake Swimming 
 Otter with Fish 
Alan BoydAurora Beach 
 Three Mounds - Lake Eyre Sunrise 
Wayne BraceBanded Demoiselle at Roost 
Colin Bradshaw MPAGB ABPE EFIAP EPSAReed Bunting Confronting Cuckoo 
Chris Briggs DPAGB BPE3*Red Grouse 
Richard Bryant BPE1* CPAGBBroad Bodied Chaser 
 Gannet with Nesting Material 
Robert Buchan CPAGB BPE1*Barn Owl 
 Brown Bear 
 Osprey Fishing 
Wade Buchan EFIAP/b PPSA BPSA GMAPSHippo WrestleMCPF Ribbons
Paul Carter LRPS DPAGB BPE4*Dalmation Pelican 
Jesse Cason AFIAPRain on the Fox 
Gordon ChamberlainReedbunting Feeding 
 Sika Buck in Wheat 
 Soggy Hare-2 
Ramesh ChauhanPholiota SquarrosaFIAP Ribbon
Christakis Christou AFIAPFlamingo Discussion 
Fung Sum Jex ChuiBird and Bread 
Benny ChungCatching Fish Moment 
 Nectar Tasting 
 Working Hard with the Fish 
Graham Clegg LRPS DPAGB BPE3* AFIAPElephant Hawk MothMCPF Ribbons
 Brown Hare Eating Clover 
Trevor CotterillBeautifully Engaged Nembrotha at Little Beach 
 Seaslugs Breeding - Hypselodoris Bennetti 
Audrey Couchman CPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Bath White on Poppy 
 European Bee Eater Food Pass 
Robin Couchman LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Brittlestem 
Sandie Cox ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBJackal at Sunrise 
 Scavenging Hyenas at Dawn 
Roger Creber ARPS EFIAP DPAGBElephants at Water Hole 
Derek Crunkhorn LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Amur Tiger 'tschuna' 
Sharmali DasPurple Heron Catched FrogFIAP Ribbon
Jozef De FraineAkkerdisteldansvlieg Met Prooi 
 Gele Snipvlieg 
Luigi De Rosa AFIAPMantide E Preda 
Johann Debono EFIAP QPSACopulation 
Monica Doshi DPAGB BPE3* EFIAPDisplaying Dipper 
 Indian Scops Owls 
 Juvenile Northern Gannet 
 Male African Lion 
David Elder LRPS CPAGB AFIAPLittle Bee-eatersFIAP Ribbon
 Desert Flamingos 
Ian English EFIAP/d1 MPSA2 APSEM/bYou Cant Have It 
Esther Epstein EFIAP/s AIPASBearded Seal 1 
 Mating 1 
 Walrus with Her Cub 5 
Jacqueline Evans BPE2*Welsh Primitive Goat 
Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS EFIAP DPAGB FBPESally-light-foot Crab on Alert 
 Variable Longhorn Beetle 
 Puffball Releasing SporesPSA Silver Medal
Mary Gillian Fish DPAGB BPE3*Cuckoo and Sedge Warbler Confrontation 
Franco Fratini EFIAP/d2Castaway 
John GaffneyPelicalns at DawnPAGB Gold Medal
Terry George AFIAP PPSAFemale Leopard Moving CubPSA Ribbon
 Cheetahs Kill Wildebeest 
 Female Sparrowhawk on Pigeon 
 Lion Family 
Sandy Gilmour DPAGB BPE2* ASINWPDuckling Chasing MayflyMCPF Ribbons
 Northern Gannets with Guga 
 Stonechat Feeding Juvenile 
Aleks Gjika DPAGB EFIAPAmardillo 
 Jelly Fish 
Bob Goodman BPE3 A.CPE.Grey Seal With Pup. 
Leah Gray AFIAP PPSA SPSA FCAPAPair of Dancers 
John HaddonWood Whites 
Julie Hall CPAGB BPE3* QPSABlack Guillemot Taking Flight 
 Eurasian Otter, About to Leap 
 Mountain Hare Eating Heather 
Jay Hallsworth DPAGB EFIAP EPSAA Pod of Four Dolphins 
 Soldierfish on Gaurd 
Richard Harding EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Leopard with Kill 
 On the Salmon Run 
Robert Harvey ARPS EFIAPBrown Hare on the RunPSA Ribbon
 Flesh Fly in Dew 
Annelie Henn EFIAP/bIcerunner 
Geoffrey Hui EFIAP MAPSThe Hunt Ndutu 
Bob Humphreys EFIAP DPAGB BPE2*2 Golden Eagles 
 Aerial Stand-off 
Dave Hyett EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Goldfinch 
Richard Kay FRPSMink in IcelandPAGB Ribbon
 Blue Morph Arctic Fox Jumping 
Francis King EFIAP/p GMPSA/pRunning to Safety IIIPAGB Ribbon
Dawn Kirk EFIAP LPSNZGrebe Courtship Display 
 Grebes at Catons Bay 
Shelley Knight LRPSRed Grouse in Heather and RainMCPF Ribbons
 Gannet Pair 
 Mountain Hare Stare 
Jianhua KuaiCatch 
 Mother Love3 
Craig Lauder AFIAPHyena in Scrub 
 Leopard Climbing Down Tree 
Jane Lee EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Arctic Tern Feeding Juvenile 
 Red Faced Bearded Seal 
 Arctc Fox Icy StareFIAP Silver Medal
Julie LehmanMothers Apprentice 
 Waxwing with One Red Berry 
Nick Leonard BPE1*Lapwings in FlightGPU Gold Medal
Hong LiSeeking 
Min LiClimbIan Whiston Medal
 beasts in Natural World 1 
 family of Polar Bears 5 
Margaret LothianThe Small Catch 
Debbie LoweI'm Not Sharing 
 Playful Hippos 
Dee Maddams LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Tricoloured Heron 
Stan Maddams LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Female Banded Demoiselle resting 
 Goldfinch on a Shaggy Parasol Mushroom 
Stephen Mallender BPE1*Spiny Stick InsectMCPF Ribbons
 Peruphasma Stick Insect 
Christine Mallett BPE3* CPAGB EFIAP/bLeopard Staring Match by Chris Mallett 
Gillian MarshGrey Seal Portrait 
 Locked Talons 
 Thresher Shark Portrait 
 Kings of the BlizzardGPU Silver Medal
Peter McCloskey FRPSElephant Seals at Rest 
Kenny McLean CPAGB BPE2* AFIAP GPUCR-2Bugling Elk 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP/s EPAGB ABPEDiving Turtle in Caribbean SeaGPU Ribbon
 Fox Hunting in the Rain 
Alison Middleton CPAGBEagle Ray in the Red Sea 
 Green Sea Turtle in the Red Sea 
James Moir ARPS AFIAPLapwing Landing 
 Mother Goose 
 Romantic Jump 
Paul NeweyMoorhen Agression 
Andrew NewmanLarge Emerald (Geometra Papilionaria) 
Khac Hao NguyenVooc Cha Va Chan Nau 
Norman O'Neill EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE5*Common Blue Damselfly 
 Feeding Time 
Dawn Osborn FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE5*Hungry King Penguin Chick and Parent 
 Little Blue Heron with its Prey 
 Zebra at full gallop 
Ian Patterson EFIAP FAPSCompeting MalesGPU Ribbon
 MR and MRS Cuttlefish 
Lesley Patterson AFIAPForaging Wren 
Sitanath Paul EFIAPExploration 
Alistair PetersonDSC_4116_01 
Kwan Phillip FRPS EFIAP/P GMPSA/PHyena FamilyPSA Ribbon
 Bear Eating Fish 
 Crocodile Bite on Zebra 
 Polar Bear Running 42 
John Plant LRPSWhinchat Feeding Fledgling; John PlantMCPF Ribbons
Philippe PoiretA swan at dawn 
Somdutt Prasad EPSA GPU-CR2 GPU-VIP2 ER-ISFHeron with Fish Catch 
Steve Proctor DPAGB BPE5* PPSAEuropen Roller Food Swap 
 Lesser Kestrels Mating 
Gordon RaeGoing FishingGPU Ribbon
 Autumnal Dipper 
 Dipper Feeding Chick 
 Fishing in the Mist 
George Reekie DPAGB FBPEGannet Colony 
 Hoopoe with Prey 
 Wasp Drinking 
Farzad ReshadThis is Ours 
Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB HonPAGBLeopard Stalking Through Long Grass 
 Tigress on the Evening Prowl Panna NP 
Simon RigbyBacklit Snail 
Jeremy Roussak ARPSCommon Blue Pair 
Tom Savage APSA MPSA2Wild Dog with Waterbuck Head 
 Zebra Chasing a Dog 
Claire Schreuder EFIAP BPE2*At the Water Hole 
John Scotten ARPS DPAGB BPE4*Glistening Ink Caps 
 May Fly 
Richard Sheldrake DPAGB LRPSGreat Crested Grebe in Torrential RainPSA Ribbon
 Arctic Fox Hunting 
 Hobby About to Strike a Mayfly 
Lesley Simpson ARPS MPAGB EFIAPCanary-shouldered Thorn 
 Female Bearded Tit in Habitat 
 Southern Marsh Orchid 
Peter C Smith CPAGBLong-tailed Silky Fycatcher 
 Roseate Spoonbill in the Rain 
Gary SpeerMycena CrystidiosaPAGB Ribbon
 Entoloma Hochstetteri 
 Laccaria Species 
Ruth SpencerHumpback Whale 
 The Fresh Kill 
Gillian Steyn EFIAP EPSA BPE5* DPAGBGrebe Turning Eggs in Nest 
Ann Surch LRPS BPE2*Back Lit Cheetah Cub 
Paul Sutton BPE3*Gannets Chase the Food 
Seppo Tuomaala EFIAPLapland Owl Landing 
 Mother and Cub 
 Polar Bears Wrestling2 
Neville James Martin Turton AFIAPBurnet Moths 
 Fritillaries with Dew 
 Grizzly Fishing in Autumn 
Richard Walliker LRPSI'm Watching YouMCPF Ribbons
 Waiting in Turn 
Anna Warrington LRPS ARPS DPAGB BPE4Herring Gull Juveniles and FishRalph Snook Medal
 Capercaille Patrolling Territory 
 European Bison in Snowstorm 
Carol Watson AFIAP DPAGB PPSABlue Tailed DamselflyPAGB Ribbon
Gordon Watson DPAGB ABPE PPSA AFIAPCommon Blue Damselfy on Grass 
David Wilson LRPSBaby Croc 
 Broken Tusk Warthog 
Karin Wilson ARPS EFIAP BPE5* DPAGBWhite-backed Vultures PreeningPSA Gold Medal
 Caracal Resting 
 Grey Heron Wading 
 Rhinos Locking Horns 
Keith Worthington DPAGBZebra Chasing HyenaFIAP Ribbon
 Dusting ElephantFIAP Gold Medal
 Hoopoe Passing Food 
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AWPFBlack Browed Albatross Greeting Mate 
 Buffalos in the Dust 
 Coupled Flesh Flies 
Peter Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE2* AWPFBuffalo and OxpeckersPeter Brisley Medal
 Stalking Tiger 
Peter Yendell LRPSLeopard Cub Early Morning FeedGPU Ribbon
 Painted Dog Pups Playing 
 Yellow Baboon Wound Grooming 
Carole Zimmerman EFIAP BPE3* CPAGBGrizzly Mother and Cub with Salmon 

PDI SCAPES Acceptances

David Adamson EFIAP/p BPE4*Frost on Willows 
Terri Adcock EFIAP/g DPAGB EPSABridge to Nowhere 
Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB BPE5 EFIAP-GPaddington 
Andrew BaileyHerringfleet Mill in Freezing Fog 
 Lone Tree 
Peter Baker LRPS DPAGB BPE1*North Norfolk's Finest 
Robert Leonard Bentley LRPS CPAGBTrees Across the Lake 
Simon Beynon BPE2* CPAGBKaleido Scape 
 Shard of Light 
Saurabh Bhattacharyya ARPS EFIAP/d1 EPSALandscape 7 
 Shadows on Mountains 
Alan BoydMountain Behnind the Village 
Colin Bradshaw MPAGB ABPE EFIAP EPSAEarly Morning Fairypools 
Richard Broomfield LRPS EFIAPHeavy Snow Due, Reine, Lofoten 
 Reine Lighthouse 
Carole Brown LRPS AFIAPMilky Way over TenerifeFIAP Ribbon
 Hong Kong from Victoria Peak 
 San Diego at Night 
Gunter BueschingBaumfeld 
Ramesh ChauhanGrand Canal at Twilight 
Bob Chiu GMPSA/P GPSA EFIAP/GExplore Yellowstone69 
Christakis Christou AFIAPRock of Paphos 
 The Rock 
Fung Sum Jex ChuiSunrise 
Benny ChungSunrise in Palouse Fall 
John Clare ARPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2Glencoe Grandeur 
Jutta CloughCrystal Roller 
Phil Cole LRPS CPAGBNorthern Lights from Lofoten 
Andrew Colgan AFIAPSouthwold Pier at Blue HourGPU Ribbon
Malcolm CookCoastal Defence 
 Timeless Waters 
 Venice Sunrise 
 Standing in LineGPU Gold Medal
Audrey Couchman CPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Poppies at Sunrise 
 Storm Wave 
Shirley Davis CPAGB EPSAFrosted TreesRalph Snook Medal
 Luskentyre Bay 
 Trees in Winter 
 Winter in the Lake District 
Luigi De Rosa AFIAP4 
Alison Dean LRPS BPE3*Cascade 
Johann Debono EFIAP QPSADwejra 
Rong Guang DengManhattan in the Clouds 
Bo Ding AFIAPSantorini Villages 
Rachel Domleo EFIAP CPAGBCasares Bathed in Light 
 Smokey Clouds 
Monica Doshi DPAGB BPE3* EFIAPItalian Chapel Aurora and MeteoritePeter Brisley Medal
 Yorkshire Dales 
Gordon Doughty AFIAP BPE2*Frozen Sea Loch 
Dick Doyle EFIAP AIPFFrost in the Rising Sun 
Gavin Duxbury CPAGB BPE4*  
Mike Edwards ARPS ABPE DPAGB/avGimsaya Church 
David Elder LRPS CPAGB AFIAPKuang Si WaterfallsPSA Ribbon
 Quiraing Dawn 
Jacqueline Evans BPE2*Glenfinnan 
 Stormy Skies over the Storr 
Franco Fratini EFIAP/d2Delicate Landscape 
 Morning Mist 1 
Gary Fyfe  
John GaffneyAurora over GulfossFIAP Gold Medal
Thekla Gavriel AFIAPDragons Bridge 
Tim Gilbert ARPS DPAGB MPSAThe Dawning of Day Luskentyre 
Michel Gilliot MFIAP EFIAP/d2Baie De Somme 1 
Sandy Gilmour DPAGB BPE2* ASINWPAutumn River 
 Tuscan Dawn 
 Belhaven Bridge to NowhereGPU Silver Medal
Aleks Gjika DPAGB EFIAPDrama at the CoastPAGB Gold Medal
Ulrich GoertzLike Ice in the Sunshine 
Bob Goodman BPE3 A.CPE.Days End Argyll ScotlandPAGB Ribbon
 Godafoss Iceland 
 Kintyre Sunset 
Jay Hallsworth DPAGB EFIAP EPSA  
Helen Hanafin EFIAP/p FIPFAtlantic Surge 
 Vasco Da Gama Bridge 
Richard Harding EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Early Evening in Hamnoy 
 Poggio Covili at Dawn 
Bruce Harley EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE4*Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon 
 Fairy Pools and the Black Cuillins 
Andreas HerrmannToronto Awakes 
 Winter Atmosphere 
Tracey HodgesAymer Cove 
 Mitten in Mitten 
 St Michaels Mount and Milky Way 
Julie Holbeche-Maund ARPS CPAGB BPE3*Blue Dawn 
Martin Janes BPE5*  
Gill Jones BPE3*Lismore Lighthouse, Scotland 
Francis King EFIAP/p GMPSA/pAurora over Kirkjufell Iceland 102 
 Tibetan Monastry in Morning 
Jane Lee EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Kootenay Snowstorm 
 Storm Approaching Bagh Steinigidh 
Nick Leonard BPE1*The View from Stokksnes 
Im Kai Leong EFIAP/b EPSAPonte De Sai VanPSA Silver Medal
Min LiSoar Into the Sky5PSA Gold Medal
 Vast Sky 
 Vast Sky1 
Helen Mackay LRPS AFIAP CPAGBBow Fiddle Rock 
 High Tide at Cobbolds Point 
 Peaceful Pastels 
Phil Mallin LRPS CPAGB BPE3*Belvedere 
 Ebb and Flow 
 GroynesFIAP: Silver medal
Peter McCloskey FRPSBryce Dawn 2 
Paul MoranCanary Wharf Skyline 
 The Millennium Bridge 
Vicki Moritz EFIAP/d3 GMPSA/s SPSA APSEM/gTungenset Devils Jaws 
 Tungenset Rockshelf 
Annemieke Moss BPE2*  
Andrew NewmanElgol View to Gars Bheinn 
Khac Hao Nguyen2 
Hugh O'Connor EFIAP LIPFBeach Road 
 Red Crater 
Victoria Elizabeth ParkesIsolated 
Steven Parrish BPE1*Saltburn Beach Huts 
Sitanath Paul EFIAPDesert RidgePAGB Silver Medal
Philippe PoiretSiena Italy At Dusk 
 The Lys River In Winter At The Morning 
Andy Polakowski DPAGB EFIAP/d1 GPU-Cr3 GPU-VIP2Solitude 
 Ynys Y Pandy 
Somdutt Prasad EPSA GPU-CR2 GPU-VIP2 ER-ISFFlamingosPSA Ribbon
Hazel Price BPE1* PSA3*Bamburgh Sunset 
Robert Quig EFIAP DPAGBSalt Flat Mosaic 
 Winter's Glow 
Leanne RobsonLonsdale Pier 
Jeremy Roussak ARPSBig Hole Berg 
 Devil's Teeth 
Jane Rowbottom BPE3*West Burton Cascade 
Kalle Salonen EFIAP/pAhvio 3846PAGB Ribbon
 Ahvio 3859 
Bob Scott LPSNZCity Port at Sunset 
Norbert Senser EFIAP/bCasteldilagoGPU Ribbon
Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPSVestlrahorn Tranquillity 
Richard Sheldrake DPAGB LRPSBarnafoss Blue & Gold 
 Frozen Godafoss in a Snowstorm 
Ann Smallegange EFIAP/g EPSALake Eyre Spring Three 
 Painted Hills Desert Scape 
Pete Smith EFIAP/b BPE5* DPAGBBlackrock Church 
 Broken Fences 
Ruth SpencerIcelandic Winter 
 Lofoten Island Houses 
Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/p ESFIAPApproaching Rain Glencoe 
Julian Stelling EFIAP/s DPAGBBrooding Fells 
Paul Sutton BPE3*Dyffryn Ogwen Falls 
Dave Turner AFIAP CPAGB BPE4*Approaching Storm Glencoe 
 Moody Quiraing 
 Perch Rock Lighthouse 
 Reflect on Buttermere Morning 
Michael VoeltnerBadlands Wash 1 
Richard Walliker LRPS  
Anna Warrington LRPS ARPS DPAGB BPE4Murmuration at the Old PierMCPF Ribbons
 Aurora and Borhella Lighthouse 
 Aurora Reflections with Light Pollution 
Carol Watson AFIAP DPAGB PPSAMorning Light on the Buachaille 
Gordon Watson DPAGB ABPE PPSA AFIAPDiamond in the SurfIan Whiston Medal
 Black Beach Glow 
 On the Dunes 
David Wheeler FRPS DPAGB EFIAP/d3 MFIAPClouds over VestrahornFIAP Ribbon
 Storm at Vig 
Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP ABPE APAGBMist and Cloud, JokulsarlonMCPF Ribbons
 Lone Tree at Mita Copse 
 Mist, St Georgio Maggiori 
Mike Woods CPAGB BPE13 
Anjun XieBrilliant Chinese Red 
 Dream Jiaolou 
 Sunset Boat 
 Urban Neon 
Wei Ye GMPSA GMIFIA GMABRPScrew Terrace Dawn 
 Sri Lanka Ecological Lake 
 Usuyadan Eye 
Li ZhaoSunset of Tromso 
Yonggang ZhongThe City of Ice 
Yi ZhouAbies Fabri Craib 
 Dragon Chant 


David Adamson EFIAP/p BPE4*Clouded Agaric in Dense Pine Forest 
Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB BPE5 EFIAP-GGants HillGPU Ribbon
 Nepali Haircut 
 The Staircase 
Jos Bartholmé AFIAPFANNY 5 
Janice Barton CPAGB BPE5*Goth QueenFIAP Ribbon
 My Ship 
Simon Beynon BPE2* CPAGBHorse PowerFIAP Ribbon
Roberto Biagi EFIAP/bPer Le Antiche Scale 
Cyril Boyd EFIAP/g MPSA DPAGB BPE4*Push Off 
 Red Trilby 
 The Holy Man 
Wade Buchan EFIAP/b PPSA BPSA GMAPSDairy Farmer AndyMCPF Ribbons
 Lion Cub Shower 
Andrew BuckleyAdventurous Spring LambRalph Duckett Medal
 Hoar Frost 
 The Thinker 
Andrew Colgan AFIAPEmmaus Monastery 
Audrey Couchman CPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Approaching Badger 
 Beach Huts Out of Season 
Robin Couchman LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Misty Valleys 
 Zebra Mother and Foal 
Bob DallowDancing Amaryllis 
Brian Davis APAGB CPAGB MPSAMisty Dead Woodland 
Shirley Davis CPAGB EPSAHere Comes the Light 
Licia De Marco AFIAPCharles Darwin with His Little Monkey 
Brian Dicks DPAGBSweeping Up at Lytes Cary Manor 
 The Light Between 
Judi Dicks DPAGB ABPEFinished for the Day 
Ken DicksonPower Plant 
Colleen Donaldson ARPSMisty WatermeadowsMCPF Ribbons
 Frost in the Fields 
 Storms in the Mountains 
Phil DownieDeep in Thought 
 The Striped Hat 
David Elder LRPS CPAGB AFIAPLeopard in a Tree 
Peter Elliston EFIAP BPE3* DPAGBThe Falconer 
Ian English EFIAP/d1 MPSA2 APSEM/bHomesickPSA: Ribbon
Esther Epstein EFIAP/s AIPASDuetPSA: Ribbon
Ilan FaigenbaumAt the Entrance to the Mosque 
 Boy in WhitePAGB Gold Medal
Kevin FaulknerDoing Business in the RainPAGB Ribbon
 Looking Through the Window 
 The Point of Ayr Light House 
Steve Field LRPS AWPF AIPF EFIAPThe Great Grandaughter 
Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d3Anxious Glance 
 In the Doorway 
William Gleeson FRPS EFIAP PPSA AIPFHelvic Area Study 2PSA: Ribbon
 Nothing But Love 
Bob Goode ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE3*Jumping for Joy 
 Leg Lines 
Jan Hammerstad EFIAP PPSAMadeleine 
 Nicoline 21 
 Paparazzi 2 
Sally Hammond DPAGB BPE1Five Schoolboys 
James Hardy LRPS CPAGB AFIAPOil Can Man 
 Spanner Man 2 
Paul Hassell MPAGB FRPS FBPE FIPFFamilySue O'Connell Medal
 Kicking Bear 
 Remmell on Rings 
Paul Hayward LRPS DPAGB AFIAPPower 
Carol HewittLost in Thought 
Alistair How LRPSPassing byPAGB Ribbon
 Gondola Parking 
 Magnet Fishing 
Carol Hyett LRPS AFIAPIn the Air 
Dave Hyett EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Negotiation 
Wendy Irwin CPAGB ARPS AFIAPBirth Life and Death MonoMCPF Ribbons
 Sweet Dreams with Penguins 
 The Penguins Visit the Gallery 
Vicki Johnson AFIAPWhite Stallion 
Bob Johnston ARPSKatie 
 The Frank Whittle Building 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/d3 DPAGB BPE3*DM Closed in 
Roland Kraft AFIAPTurbine Stairs 
Tom Kredo PPSARugby TakedownGPU Ribbon
 A Crisis of Faith 
 The Caretaker Revisited 
Sue Lenton CPAGBLouisMCPF Ribbons
 Brought Down 
 Steampunk With Feathered Hat 
Adrian Lines ARPS MPAGB AFIAPEmpty GlassRobert Millin Medal
 Horse Whisperer 
Jane Lines MPAGBAll Souls 
 Black Widow 
 Fringe Dance 
 Turkish Goat HerderGPU Gold Medal
Margaret LothianGlass Stripe 
David Lowe ARPS EFIAP DPAGBCurves in the Archway 
 In for Questioning 
Alex McNaughton CPAGBLonely Tree 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP/s EPAGB ABPESharing Secrets 
 Twenties Elegance 
 Forbidden LovePSA Silver Medal
Jo Monro ARPS DPAGB AFIAPChasing Geese 
 Reckless Driver 
 Small Reception Room 
 Foxes PlaygroundPAGB Silver Medal
Helen Moore ARPSSunflowers 
 The Sawmill 
Annemieke Moss BPE2*Las Setas 
Chris Mowthorpe ARPS DPAGBFloating TreePSA Gold Medal
 Morning Light 
David Moyes AFIAPBig Ben 
 Museum of Liverpool 
Michal NegaArt-Nude-Pearls bw 1 
Andrew NewmanJust Our Neville 
Khac Hao NguyenHoi Dua Bo 
Dianne OwenAutumn Cconservatory 
 Avebury Winter 
 The Dish 
 The Monor House 
Derwood Pamphilon ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBA Light TouchMCPF Ribbons
 Mischkah 5 
Peter PangbourneLanyon Quoit 
 Portland Bill's Fisherman's Huts and Boats 
Steven Parrish BPE1*Normanby Stairs 
Kwan Phillip FRPS EFIAP/P GMPSA/PBull Stare at Rider 90 
Tim Pile MPAGB MFIAP EFIAP/p FIPFReflected Beauty 
 The Dive 
 Layers of TimeFIAP Silver Medal
Chris Pugh CPAGBGo 12 Go 
 Marathon Driving 
Regis Rampnoux EFIAP/g MPSAThe Leaf 
Ester RiordanMidnight Hour in Venice 
 Quick Drink at the Local 
Leanne RobsonEmbrace 
Pietro Rocchiccioli DPAGB EFIAP/bCome in from the Cold 
Jeremy Roussak ARPSGathering Storm 
Jane Rowbottom BPE3*Exorist Priest 
Klaus RuttloffIm Gebet 
 Varansis Sadhus 
Stephanie Ryan LIPFSudden Summer Shower 
Tom Savage APSA MPSA2Determined 
Neil Scott FRPS EFIAP/sSheltering 
Gurjeet Singh SeeraThe Art of ConversationMCPF Ribbons
 The Unicorn Whisperer 
 Tree Lady 
Keith Seidel EFIAP/b GMAPSDetention 
Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPSCaras Kitchen MaidFIAP Ribbon
 MR George 
 The Old Master 
 We Have Ways Ok 
Richard Sheldrake DPAGB LRPSIcelandic Pony in Snowstorm 
Kim Pheng Sim MPSAWho are You 
Pete Smith EFIAP/b BPE5* DPAGBOur Daily Bread 
 The Catcher Surprise 
 Mum in the Wizard HallGPU Silver Medal
Valentina Sokolskaya EFIAP GMPSAVessel Stairs 57 
Tarmo SotikovFace ShowPSA: Ribbon
Julian Stelling EFIAP/s DPAGBHorseman of the Apocalypse 
Gillian Steyn EFIAP EPSA BPE5* DPAGBCaptain Hook 
Gesine SzurmanCouple of Fairy Terns 
David Thomas ARPSAgony and EcstasyPAGB Ribbon
Dave Tucker EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*Before the Cross 
Peter Turner CPAGBDiscipline 
Neville James Martin Turton AFIAPGolden Eagle Landing in SnowMCPF Ribbons
Paul Wagstaff LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AFIAPEeee Tha in for a Treat Tonight 
 Jet Ski Freestyle Mono 
 You Talkin to Me 
Julia Wainwright FRPS MPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Flying Rugby TackleFIAP Gold Medal
 Kicking Up the Dust 
 Lion Trio (Mono) 
 Pensive Ethiopian Man 
Graeme Wales ARPS CPAGB BPE2*The Journey of Love 
Michelle Walker BPE2*The GazeMCPF Ribbons
 Fair of Face 
Clive Richard Ward LRPS21st Century Bo-Peep 
Carol Watson AFIAP DPAGB PPSASkogafoss IcelandGPU Ribbon
 Cheeky Charlie 
 Priestly Stare 
 Windswept and Interesting 
Gordon Watson DPAGB ABPE PPSA AFIAPIn Need of a TowGPU Ribbon
 In the Spotlight 
 Your Move 
Colin Westgate FRPS MFIAP MPAGE APAGBForce 10, Newhaven 
 Tangle Creek Sunrise 
Carole WetherleyLooking Through Broken Glass 
Mike Woods CPAGB BPE1Eye Spy 
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AWPFThe StarePAGB Ribbon
Siu Chuen Young6 Cones of GreyFIAP Ribbon
 Dying Angel 
 White Fans 


David Adamson EFIAP/p BPE4*Courtship Gift 
Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB BPE5 EFIAP-GButter Lamps 
 The Seamstress 
Jos Bartholmé AFIAPEMELIE 3 
Janice Barton CPAGB BPE5*Little Miss Violet 
Werner W. Becker EFIAPDeck 7MCPF Ribbons
Robert Leonard Bentley LRPS CPAGBDakota Bright Star - on the Gallop 
Lesley Carole Betts CPAGB BPE1*Young Blackbird Feeling the Heat 
Mike Bews LRPS EFIAPAutograss is Dangerous 
Simon Beynon BPE2* CPAGBChequered FlagFIAP Ribbon
 Grass Track Jack 
 Wren Flight 
Roberto Biagi EFIAP/bThe Unveiling of the Day 
Cyril Boyd EFIAP/g MPSA DPAGB BPE4*Battering Ram 
 Man of Words 
 Tangerine Dream 
Carole Brown LRPS AFIAPManhattan Twilight 
Andrew BuckleyLog Shack in Snowy LandscapeFIAP Ribbon
 Medieval Soldier 
 Nearly home 
 Passing Time 
Jose Henrique Chaim QPSA cMoL EAFBSurgery 
Phil Cole LRPS CPAGBBlack Church Green Sky 
Andrew Colgan AFIAPBamburgh Dawn 
Audrey Couchman CPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Stormy Seas at the Sea PoolPSA: Ribbon
 Autumn Breeze 
 Moored at High Tide 
Robin Couchman LRPS EFIAP BPE5*Light on the WavesPAGB Ribbon
Sandie Cox ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBCub Greeting Father 
Bob DallowHonesty 
Brian Davis APAGB CPAGB MPSAGoing Up 
Shirley Davis CPAGB EPSAMaddison River 
 The Survivor 
 The Underpass 
Brian Dicks DPAGBWaiting for the SunPSA Gold Medal
 Deauville Lifeguard Station 
 La Ferme De Pascaline 
 Stained Glass Ceiling Opera House Barcalona 
Judi Dicks DPAGB ABPEBrixham HabourPSA: Ribbon
 Meet Me at the Yellow Beach Hut 
 Orange Shoes 
Ken DicksonTowers of St. Katherines 
Colleen Donaldson ARPSA crisp morning 
 A winter"s Day 
Monica Doshi DPAGB BPE3* EFIAPPeace and Quiet 
 Somersault Dive 
Phil DownieThe Dancer 
David Elder LRPS CPAGB AFIAPBidean Nam Bian 
Ian English EFIAP/d1 MPSA2 APSEM/bPlease Help 
Esther Epstein EFIAP/s AIPASArt Museum Philadelphia 4 
Giuseppe Falco AFIAP PPSAUnwanted Flyers 
Kevin FaulknerThe Shopkeeper 
Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS EFIAP DPAGB FBPELesser Marbled Fritillary on Scabious 
 Small Apollos on Bearded Bellflowers 
Steve Field LRPS AWPF AIPF EFIAPGoing Sideways 
 Red Hat 
Morag Forbes LRPS CPAGBElizabeth Line 
Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d3With the AscendantsMCPF Ribbons
 A Quiet Moment 
 Cautious Look 
William Gleeson FRPS EFIAP PPSA AIPFHelvic Harbour 
 View from Doyle Fort Gurnsey.FIAP: Silver medal
Bob Goode ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE3*Faithful FriendMCPF Ribbons
 Pak Choi 
 Shelter from the Rain 
Jan Hammerstad EFIAP PPSANuller 1 
Sally Hammond DPAGB BPE1Winnowing GrainFIAP Ribbon
 The Charcoal Burner 
Richard Harding EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE5*Autumnal Silver Birches 
Paul Hassell MPAGB FRPS FBPE FIPFA Last Farewell 
 OPen Water Swimmer 
 LevitationPAGB Gold Medal
Paul Hayward LRPS DPAGB AFIAPBaroque 
 The Lost and the Alone 
Carol HewittHealing Hands 
 The Letter 
Jane Christine Horton AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*Free Spirit 
Alistair How LRPSRed Church 
Carol Hyett LRPS AFIAPJump 
Dave Hyett EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*Lone Tree at Malham 
Wendy Irwin CPAGB ARPS AFIAPHumphreys the LeaderGPU Ribbon
 An Extension Too Far 
 Storybook Road 
Vicki Johnson AFIAPReach 
Bob Johnston ARPSThe Sun and the Stones 
Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/d3 DPAGB BPE3*DM Back One 
 In the Rays 
 TP at the Mirror 
Christian Kieffer GMPSAJang Birsens 4 
Shelley Knight LRPSMountain Hare in SnowMCPF Ribbons
Tom Kredo PPSADog with Graffiti 
 Leaving the Past 
Steve Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB BPE5*Bob 
Julie LehmanMountain Stream 
Sue Lenton CPAGBHigh Bar In RedPSA: Ribbon
 Beware The Travelling Man 
 Woman In Red 
Adrian Lines ARPS MPAGB AFIAPJess High Key 
 Madam Pythia 
Jane Lines MPAGBBook Street 
 The Vegetable Stall 
 The Water Carriers 
 The JestersPAGB Silver Medal
Jose Luis Vazquez Llamas AFIAPTranquilamente 
Margaret LothianPuffin Ruffin 
David Lowe ARPS EFIAP DPAGBBrought Down 
 Eyes on the Bar 
 Saida in Green 
 A Burst of RedGPU Silver Medal
Regina Manso De Zuniga CPAGBRhapsody in Blue 
Alex McNaughton CPAGBSerene Lady 
Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP/s EPAGB ABPEThe DuchessPAGB Ribbon
 Heavenly Light 
 Natural Beauty 
 Noble Blood 
Jo Monro ARPS DPAGB AFIAPTrio of PhysalisGPU Ribbon
 Racing Dinghies 
 The Butterfly 
Helen Moore ARPSAt the Bazaar 
Annemieke Moss BPE2*Bridge to InfinityGPU Ribbon
 In Need of Minor Repairs 
David Moyes AFIAPA Sense of Time 
 City Life 
 Tower of PeaceGPU Gold Medal
Kirill MuniabinVenus 
Michal NegaArt-nude_maja 
Andrew NewmanHead First 
 Rock Waves 
Khac Hao NguyenChieu Ve 
Dianne OwenBroken Down 
Derwood Pamphilon ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGBGracefulPAGB Ribbon
Peter PangbourneThe Crane at Portland Bill. 
Suzanne Parsons LRPSGlanville Fritilleries Mating 
 Pink Orchid 
Kwan Phillip FRPS EFIAP/P GMPSA/PNonnie 11Robert Millin Medal
 Wheelchair BB Mexico 
 Temple Goddess 
 The Cove 
Somdutt Prasad EPSA GPU-CR2 GPU-VIP2 ER-ISFFlamingos 2 
Hazel Price BPE1* PSA3*Bude Sea Pool 
Chris Pugh CPAGBShall We DanceMCPF Ribbons
 Horse Power 
Boris RavichEvening on Prague Street 
Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP/p ABPE DPAGBCorrugated Tin Cottage Elphin 
 Gragareth and the Cheese Press Stone 
Ester RiordanWinters Morning at Bamburgh 
Pietro Rocchiccioli DPAGB EFIAP/bPraying Alongside a Chat 
 View from the Bullet 
Jeremy Roussak ARPSDead-leaf Mantis 
 Steller's and White-tailed 
 Vestrahorn Curve 
Jane Rowbottom BPE3*Abandoned Chapel 
 One Sunflower 
Klaus RuttloffTanz In Den Tag 
Neil Scott FRPS EFIAP/sPoisoned 
 Portrait of a Fried Egg 
Gurjeet Singh SeeraIn Your Face 
Keith Seidel EFIAP/b GMAPSUseless Loop 1 
Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPSGeorge Gregorys ParlourMCPF Ribbons
 Praying for Her Return 
Richard Sheldrake DPAGB LRPSArctic Fox with a Goose EggPAGB Ribbon
 Aurora Borealis, Vestrahorn Iceland 
Lesley Simpson ARPS MPAGB EFIAPHebrew Character Moth 
 Male Bearded Tit in Habitat 
Gillian Smith CPAGB BPE2*The Farrier 
Pete Smith EFIAP/b BPE5* DPAGBThe Brooklyn Zombie 
Tarmo SotikovI Am the King 
Julian Stelling EFIAP/s DPAGBSnow on the Fells 
Gillian Steyn EFIAP EPSA BPE5* DPAGBForest Fairy Magic 
 In Search of a Tasty Tit Bit 
Bob ThomasKingfisher 
David Thomas ARPSCuriouser and Curiouser 
Dave Tucker EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE3*Lone Safari 
Neville James Martin Turton AFIAPHomeward Bound in Mongolia 
Sue Vernon DPAGB BPE3*It Could Be a Photo FinishPSA: Ribbon
 Splashing About 
 The Last Fence 
Paul Wagstaff LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AFIAPJay with Mouse 
Julia Wainwright FRPS MPAGB AFIAP BPE4*Cheetah Siblings PlayfightingSue O'Connell Medal
 Hoopoe Feeding Young 
 Little Tough Mudder 
 Old West Pier at Sunset 
Graeme Wales ARPS CPAGB BPE2*Llyn Padarn in the Rain 
 Two Lonely Hearts 
Michelle Walker BPE2*In the FrameFIAP Ribbon
 Waiting for the Journey 
Clive Richard Ward LRPSInto the Light 
 Moulting Swan 
Carol Watson AFIAP DPAGB PPSAOld MiserGPU Ribbon
 Evening Light on the Vestrahorn 
 Looking Back 
Gordon Watson DPAGB ABPE PPSA AFIAPEye of the StormMCPF Ribbons
 British Bulldog 
 Dangerous Alien 
 Father Brownjpg 
Kevin WattsGelada Baboons GroomingFIAP Gold Medal
 One Step at a Time 
Nigel Wells LRPS BPE2An Indecent Proposal 
 Battle for the Lead 
Colin Westgate FRPS MFIAP MPAGE APAGBBamburgh Castle, Sunset 
 Seaweed and Frost 
Carole WetherleyThe Wizard 
David Wheeler FRPS DPAGB EFIAP/d3 MFIAPAlone at Dawn 
 The Duchess 
 The Engine Inspector 
 My Sister's DollPSA Silver Medal
Mike Woods CPAGB BPE1Tits ChattingMCPF Ribbons
 Battling the Rapids 
 The Water Diviner 
Lin Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE3* AWPFKing Penguin Chick Feeding 
Peter Wyles LRPS CPAGB BPE2* AWPFA Little Strop 
 Buffalos and Lions 
 Hokkaido Dawn 
Siu Chuen YoungPortrait in Black_02Ralph Duckett Medal
 Black in Circle_02